Gee, Thanks, Santa. But This Time Around–No Thanks

The problem with combination wrist watches/calculators has always been that their keypads are too small to be usable by a normal-sized human being. Punching no fewer than two keys at the same time was all but impossible. Now, however–and just in time for Christmas–we have a watch with keys big enough…

Keypad Watches

Hold it! Wait just a darn minute. It’s… Those…

915It turns out that the Keypad made by Click isn’t a calculator at all, no matter how inviting those big, soft keys may be. For $90, you get a watch and nothing else except a conversation piece or an extreme joke gift for a nerdy friend.

There’s no display to show the results of a calculation if it were a calculator. So how do you tell the time? Press any of the keys, and the time is displayed by the sequential lighting of the small LEDs in the upper left corners of the keys.

The watch in the picture on the left is, believe it or not, displaying the time 0… 9… 1… 5… There! 9:15! It couldn’t be any simpler.

Oh, you want to know how to tell if it’s p.m. or a.m.? Well, then, please step over to our belt department.

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