MusicBee Is a Free Music Player for Windows

A Groovy MusicBee Review

Looking for a good free music player for Windows to replace iTunes? MusicBee is fast, powerful, and might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Do you use your PC to listen to music? MusicBee is a free application for Windows with advanced features and an intuitive interface. Whether you’re a DJ or a casual user, this little app is worth a look, so let’s get to it!MusicBee screenshot


  • Jukebox Mode
  • Sync and Rip Music
  • Playback modifiers
  • Customization
  • Tagging
  • Library organization
  • Downloads lyrics, meta data, and album art
  • Portable
  • Skins

The first thing I noticed about MusicBee is its tagging feature. It reminds me of iTunes, but without the lag. If meta data is already attached to the music, it will pull it up.


The program can be skinned to a wide variety of themes. Many of these are included in the initial install. If none of them catch your fancy, there are even more available online.

skins and themes

The Auto-DJ feature is incredible easy to turn on. With one click of the button it will automatically generate a playlist of 15 songs whose generation can be customized. Settings for Auto-DJ include artist, personal rating, and Last.FM ratings.

auto dj

I found that it’s internet connectivity to be useful for anyone in the music scene. MusicBee pulls information regarding upcoming album releases, and it hooks into SongKick to pull concert dates and venues for artists within any area you select.

concerts and releases

One other less notable feature was that it’s possible to change the sound output on the fly. A simple right-click of the music player and the option is right there.

songbee output


MusicBee is a solid music player and manager. It’s customizable, fast, feature-rich, and free. It’s hard to find anything that I don’t like about program, but I did notice a few error messages when I was changing the layout around too quickly. If you’re looking for a Windows music player, I recommend checking out MusicBee and seeing how it fits your tastes.

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