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Manage Your Android Smartphone Usage with DroidStats

We previously showed Android users how to track their mobile data usage with the Data Counter Widget. If you want to track your monthly Android mobile phone usage including your call records, messages and mobile data — Check out DroidStats for Android.


First of all, download DroidStats from Google Play Store which is available for free.

Droidstats 1

When you launch it the first time, it asks to import the details from Android system. Tap on Continue and Import to begin the sync process.
Droidstats 2

The application has four tabs: Overview, Call, SMS and Data. In the overview tab, it shows the details of free minutes, free SMS and free allocated data along with the usage details.

droid stats 1

The other Call tab shows the complete monthly usage report of outgoing and incoming calls, as well as the total outgoing/incoming minutes consumed.

Droidstats 4

Tapping on the outgoing minutes will show you the details of the most dialed numbers and the number of minutes consumed.

droid stats 2

Similarly, the SMS tab will show you the total number of outgoing and incoming messages along with the details.

droidstats 5

Under the Data tab, you’ll see monthly and total data usage (Mobile data and WiFi).

Droidstats 6

DroidStats has a lot of handy features too. Press the menu button of you phone and go to Settings.

Droidstats 9

There you can specify monthly limits of your mobile contacts like free minutes, free SMS and data limits available. Check the Call Time Limit and specify the number of free minutes available. You can specify free messages and free internet data available under your contract as well.

Droidstats 10

Under Billing Settings, you can input call and SMS rates your carrier offers. You can even save the numbers you can call and SMS for free.

Droidstats Billing

Now, as you are done setting up your allowances and monthly limits, you can enable notifications which will warn you when you’re about to reach your monthly limits. Simply turn on Application Settings and check Send Call/SMS/Data Notifications under Notification settings.

Droidstats 11

Under Action settings, you can manually correct data if you plan to change your contract or data plan.

Droidstats 12

I will say that DroidStats is a really useful application that can track your monthly mobile phone usage. Yet, there are chances that you may cross your limits so its better to wisely choose your data plan that caters your usage. Of course this app can help you decipher your usage if you need to choose a larger or smaller data plan.

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