Microsoft OneNote MX for Windows 8 Metro

OneNote MX is the first Office app that’s a full blown Metro app. If you have a touch screen enabled PC, you’ll be able to test out how Office Metro apps will behave on the upcoming Surface tablet. If you don’t, you can still download it to Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

If you are running Windows 8 Consumer Preview, you might want to try out OneNote MX (Metro Experience). It’s the first Office app that’s Metro style for the touch screen. You can get it from the Windows Store right now for free.

Launch Windows 8 Start screen and select the Microsoft Store.

MS Store

Next scroll over to Productivity and click on it – not Quick Note if you see it.


Remember, until the final version of Windows 8 is released, all apps in the store are free. Click on OneNote MX.

Select OneNote MX

Then click Install.


After it downloads, there will be a OneNote MX tile on your Start screen. You’ll have to scroll all the way over the right to find it and move it where you want.

Tile to right

If you’re new to OneNote and OneNote MX in particular, it shows you a tutorial page where you can learn how to use and navigate OneNote.

OneNote Demo

If you have OneNote documents already saved to your account, they’ll be retrieved by OneNote MX. You’ll be able to sync your notes between OneNote for desktop PCs, Android, iOS Devices and SkyDrive with OneNote MX.


It has an easy to use purple radial menu. This is what you use to navigate the OneNote document and change font color, size, add multimedia..etc.

Note with Menu

Here’s a closer look at the radial menu. It makes using OneNote as a “touch app” easy.

menu single shot

OneNote MX is meant to be used with a touch screen since it’s Metro style. I tried it out on a Dell Duo with touchscreen capability and it was fluid and easy to use.

I used it with a stylus too for handwritten notes and it works well, but just like voice dictation, sometimes it reads your writing incorrectly.

oneNote Handwritiing

If you don’t have a touch screen enabled computer, at least you can download OneNote MX to see what it has to offer when the Surface Tablet comes out. If you use it on a desktop or laptop, the experience will be annoying like most of the other Metro apps.

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