Screenshot Tour and Review of the 6 Best Microsoft Apps for iOS

One of the key parts to becoming a successful app developer is being able to make your most important apps available on multiple platforms. That’s exactly what Microsoft has done by bringing some of their most used applications over to iOS and making them available for both iPhone/iPod users and iPad users. Let’s take a look at a few of these along with a few screenshots groovyPost style.

My Xbox LIVE

One area where Microsoft has definitely proven to be far more successful than Apple is gaming. The Xbox 360 is, if not the most popular, then one of the most popular consoles out there. Nonetheless it’s a good thing to know that all iOS users can access their Xbox LIVE accounts via a standalone app.

xbox live microsoft ios splash screen loading appimage

Immediately after logging in, you will be presented with an introduction screen which quickly showcases the different screens and what you can access from them.

whats new what is new whatsnew microsoft xbox live app apps ios start

The entire app is divided into 5 main screens which you can easily scroll through with a horizontal swipe of a finger. Much like Bing, this app has a very Windows-Phone-like feeling to it which adds up to the overall fluidity of the app.

The first screen is “home”. From here you can view select news, questionnaires, articles and more gaming-related content. Not much to say here – just your typical home screen.

home screen xbox microsoft ios app apps applications news home screen xbox microsoft ios app apps applications news burnout game title review question

The second screen is called social. From here you can view and edit your avatar just like you would if you were on a console and you can also set game beacons, send and reply to messages, look at friends’ profiles and edit your profile info.

social microsoft ios xbox live app apps avatar edit options clothes friends beacons screensocial microsoft ios xbox live app apps avatar edit options clothes friends beacons screen

Next is the recent games screen. Personally, I would have just called this tab “Achievements”, but nevertheless the name is still fine. You can scroll through all your games and view your achievements as well as when you completed them. You can also compare your achievements to your friends’. There is also a small search button at the bottom of the screen to help you find what you’re looking for – you know – in case you have 100+ games.

recent games achievements xbox live microsoft cloudachievements gta iv xbox live screen compare microsoft ios app apps

The fourth screen is quickplay. It allows you to access and command your Xbox directly from your iOS device. You can play games, and even go to the menu at the bottom right side of the screen to access the controller feature which allows you to use your device as something similar to an Xbox remote.

quickpay screen ios microsoft xbox connect xbox live online servicecontroller xbox 360 control ios iphone wireless microsoft

The last tab is the discover tab. From here you can see the latest offers and discounts on movies, TV shows, and of course, games.

discover tab ios xbox live app microsoft

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1 Comment

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    Thanks for this Stefan,
    I had overlooked the Bing and Skydrive apps but they will come in useful.

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