Screenshot Tour and Review of the 6 Best Microsoft Apps for iOS

One of the key parts to becoming a successful app developer is being able to make your most important apps available on multiple platforms. That’s exactly what Microsoft has done by bringing some of their most used applications over to iOS and making them available for both iPhone/iPod users and iPad users. Let’s take a look at a few of these along with a few screenshots groovyPost style.


Perhaps one of the more serious competitors of the well-known note manager Evernote is OneNote. It’s a great addition to Office 2007/2010 and even to Office 2013 , 365 and it does its job pretty well.

one note onenote microsoft splash screen loading ios microsoft ios apps app application download office cloudone note onenote microsoft splash screen loading ios microsoft ios apps app application download office cloud

Note management is easy and it works nicely with iOS devices.  The typical features like multi-language support, checkboxes and bullet points are all here in their full glory.

example note testing keyboard language onenote one note ios microsoft apps featuresphoto import insert ios onenote one note ios microsoft apps app application photo library camera cancel screen

Another good addition is the feature to directly import images from the camera or from the gallery. This works nicely as well and my only complaint would be the lack of image formatting options. Nevertheless you do get a nice image viewer built right into the app which supports pinch to zoom gestures.

example note checkboxes bulletpoints check boxes bullet points onenote one note microsoft testonenote microsoft image view embedded builtin built in hd pinch gesture upload screen

Of course, all good things come to an end, sooner or later. Recently, there have been lots of negative reviews for OneNote in iTunes because of its note limit.

itunes review onenote one note microsoft

Stupid indeed. Putting a note limit is definitely a bad move. Obviously, you can get past this limit, but in order to do so, you need to pay to upgrade your OneNote account.

onenote one note microsoft ios app apps setting settings upgradeonenote one note microsoft ios app apps setting settings upgrade usage notes upgrade now current

Looking on the bright side, 500 notes is not a small number, and my personal record for largest number of notes for Evernote is around 260. Nevertheless Evernote definitely has an advantage over OneNote in this category with its 60 MB cloud storage limit.

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1 Comment

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    Thanks for this Stefan,
    I had overlooked the Bing and Skydrive apps but they will come in useful.

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