Lucyphone Waits On Hold So You Don’t Have To [groovyReview]

A groovy look at lucyphone, the free online service that saves you from the on-hold elevator music.

Tired of waiting on hold and listening to static-filled Hallmark music?  One of the most frustrating parts of calling any company is their “Your call is valuable to us, please wait for the next available customer service representative” message.  LucyPhone can save you from the wait and horrible music.

LucyPhone works similar to Google Voice.  Type in their number, type in your number, and Click Start. LucyPhone will then connect you, and the phone call will proceed like normal.

lucyphone how to use it


If you’re unsure what the number is, just Type in the name of the company you need to call and Lucyphone will look up all of the available numbers for you.  Just pick the most likely one from the list.

use lucyphone to look up customer service numbers

Once you’ve made it through the maze of menu options and you’re finally on hold waiting for a “customer service rep” Press the * key twice on your phone.  This action signals Lucyphone that you are on hold.  It will then end the call and give you a ring back as soon as it detects a human has picked up the phone.

Sound groovy? Try it out at

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