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Manage Your Web Life With If That Then (IFTTT)

What if you had your own Valet for the web. Someone to keep an eye on all the web services you depend on, and take action, following directions you’ve provided. Check out, If This Then That.

Currently in beta stage, Ifttt provides the pipes (yes, like Yahoo pipes) which connect your favorite web services. My dashboard indicates the tasks I’ve enabled and the channels I’ve connected on the site.


Select your channels from a broad pallet of the web’s best services.


Ifttt also provides a library of recipes created by other users to inspire you.


Track your tasks or just set and forget, until they remind you they are there.


Create your tasks using a step by step process on IFTTT. Here I’m taking the first step by identifying the “This” for a job to let me know if it is forecast to rain tomorrow.


Follow along; IFTTT leads you step-by-step, and your services will be set up nicely.


What you can do is simply amazing. It has a funny name and takes a bit of learning to get the service where you want. Play with IFTTT, I think you are going to like it.

IFTTT has evolved a lot over the years and is a primary component of IoT and the Smart Home.

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