Hulu Plus for Apple TV Now Available

Like Netflix, Hulu Plus is available on several Internet-connected devices out there including Xbox 360, Android and iOS. But it wasn’t available on the Apple TV, until now. Yesterday, Apple quietly added the popular streaming video service for the Apple TV. Here’s how to get it and a look at what it offers.

Just fire up your Apple TV and you will see the Hulu Plus icon on the main screen. If you don’t see it, restart your Apple TV and it should show up after it reboots.

New Hulu Plus Icon

If you’ve used Hulu Plus on another set-top box like the Sony SMP-N200 or  Roku, the user interface will be familiar. Of course in typical Apple fashion, the UI is a lot more beautiful.

Search Hulu Plus

List of TV Shows

Easily add shows to your Favorites or Queue to watch later.

Favorites and Queue

Since Hulu is a service, you can add shows to your Favorites and Queue from the web or other platforms. Then it syncs to your other devices like iPad or Roku.

iPad Hulu Plus App

hulu Plus Roku

If you haven’t subscribed to Hulu Plus yet, it offers a one-week free trial, then is $7.99 / month after that. If you sign up for a new account from the app, it’s a great idea to use the Remote App for iOS so you can use an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch for typing.

Fee Tiral or Log in

As a Cord Cutter, I’ve never been too impressed with Hulu Plus. The cost is the same as Netflix, and it doesn’t give me anything I don’t already get on Netflix or Amazon Prime Instant Video. Also, with the other services, I’m not forced to sit through commercial interruptions. While there’s a lot less commercial time than watching TV on cable or over the air, it’s annoying enough that I can’t justify the cost.

Outback Add on Hulu Plus

But, if you do like Hulu Plus, you now have another platform to use it on and watch your favorite programming.

Episode Play

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