Google Updates Hotel Finder–Screenshot Tour and Review

One thing about Google is that it loves to tinker with and continually improve its products. Back in July, Google introduced a new service called Hotel Finder.

As groovy as the service was at launch, this week, Google improved the service by adding a new feature that lets you find hotels based on travel time from a specific location.

For example, let’s say you want to spend a long weekend in the world’s best city – Seattle (I know.. stay with me on this one), and you have no plans to rent a car. Hotel Finder makes it simple to find a hotel within walking distance of a local attraction like the Seattle Space Needle.

Simply type out the local attraction into Hotel Finder, then click the Location Filter box.

google hotel finder click location filter

Click Hotels by travel time.

google hotel finder hotels by travel time

Click either travel time by walking or public transportation.

google hotel finder hotels by travel time walking

Choose the maximum travel time.

google hotel finder max travel time

From there, a list of hotels will appear, which you can easily click on to get more details.

google hotel finder hotel selection

If you want a full visual of the map with the hotels, just Click the mini-map on the left.

google hotel finder map expand

And the full map will expand.

google hotel finder map expanded

I’m very impressed with all the features Google managed to pack into Hotel Finder. Unlike its competitors like Expedia and other travel sites, Google has wiped the slate clean and built the travel experience from the ground up making it simple . From one simple to use interface you gain access to everything needed to find a hotel, read its reviews, look at photos and even book it!

google hotel finder hotel reviews and booking

Although Hotel Finder still feels a bit isolated from its other services like Google Offers and Google Maps,  its only a matter of time before Google integrates all its services in the browser and on your mobile phone to make this the one-stop-shop for finding and booking a hotel for travel.

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