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We all know the value of recording TV shows for later viewing, but did you know that a simple, free service now does the same thing for your favorite radio shows? Check out to see how this works.

Start by creating your free account at and log into the service. You’ll begin in the Record screen, where you can search for and find your favorite radio stations and shows. presents a number of ways to help you, including top shows, genres and a search function. Record Screen

When you find the show you want, just click on it to see full details. Here I’m selecting the BBC Newshour to record. All future broadcasts will be recorded until you cancel that show. Record BBC Newshour

Select the Scheduled screen from the menu bar and you’ll see a complete list of the shows you are scheduled to record as well as the shows you’ve previously recorded. On this screen you can also cancel the recording of future broadcasts. Scheduled Future Recordings

The recordings are made as mp3 files and placed in an storage locker, where you can access them. The free account is good for limited storage, and you can pay for more storage if you need it.

Next, from the Player screen you can stream any of your recorded shows right from the web.

Enjoy your recordings everywhere

But that’s not all. recordings are also available streamed to iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7. It’s also available on any computer running a modern operating system.

And there’s more! You can get your recorded show on Roku, Grace Digital Radios and Logitech Squeezebox devices.

With you’re able to listen to your favorite radio shows from virtually anywhere.  Happy listening.

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  1. Susan April 20, 2015 at 4:09 pm # is great …. when it works. I’ve written them three or four times about two shows in which one track of each was “not found” and could not be downloaded or listened to. They’ve never responded. I’ve had other problems that they addressed promptly. Admittedly, they were easy issues, and I had missed finding them in their FAQs.

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