Cyber Street Helps You Keep Your Home or Business Computer Secure

Cyber Street is an initiative by the UK Government, in the form of a website. that helps secure personal computers, and it’s done in a fun and friendly way.

Cyber Street is an initiative by the UK Government in the form of a website that helps users secure their computers, and it’s all done in a fun and friendly way.

The idea, which is funded through the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Programme, has been brought to our attention by Sue, one of our groovyPost Premium members. If you didn’t already know, being a member comes with a seat at the editors’ round table, among other great benefits, which you can check out here.

Cyber Street

The website, which you can access here, provides a plethora of useful resources meant to keep you safe online. It also has a user-friendly side-scrolling game-type design. It’s built like a street, with shops and offices, each of the sections providing you with a different type of information about computer security.


You begin by selecting what you want to secure – your business or home. If you choose Business, you will get a number of quick and useful tips. Tips include things like keeping away from the dangers of phishing emails, keeping your software and malware protection up-to-date, as well as creating strong passwords.

Cyber Street business

You can also get a quick health check of your business by answering a number of simple questions. Depending on your answers, you will be given tips about the areas that need some work done.

Cyber Street business health check

If you want to secure your home, you’ll also get tips and a questionnaire, but this one will have your own security checklist as a result. If you prefer to just visit Cyber Street and learn on your own, that can be done, too. As I said before, the website is designed like a street with lots of buildings, each one of them allowing you to learn things about your computer security and how to keep your tech safe. For example, a visit to the Café will teach you how to Keep your child’s identity safe and how to use social media responsibly.

Cyber Street cafe

If you use a home banking service, I suggest you visit the Bank of Cyber Street. You’ll learn things about using banking services safely on your mobile phone, phishing and how to avoid it, as well as keeping your identity safe. One thing I really like about the site, apart from the cartoonish graphics, is that you can interact with objects in the rooms which provides you valuable information in the process. For example, if you click the calculator in the bank, you’ll be taught what the signs pointing to a phishing email are.

Cyber Street bank

Some “buildings” will come with a short cartoon, which will also give you some useful advice, like in the example video below. Now, I won’t spoil the pleasure of playing with the website any more than I already have, but I can tell you that, while fun, you can learn some valuable information from Cyber Street.

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