Cleaner One Pro Review: Clean and Optimize Your PC or Mac

cleaner pro one review

Are you looking for a way to keep your Mac or PC running smoothly? We take a look at how Cleaner One Pro can help.

When you first get a new computer, it feels like lightning. Apps open instantly, your files are easy to track down, and you never find everything grinding to a halt. Over time, however, clutter begins to build up, clogging up your hard drive and slowing down your system’s performance.

Thankfully, cleaner apps can help to remove this unwanted clutter and help to give your computer that brand-new feeling once again. With a number of cleaner apps to choose from, most of which come with a fee, which should you opt for?

We put Cleaner One Pro through its paces to determine if it was one of the best options in terms of performance and pricing.

What is Cleaner One Pro?

Cleaner One Pro is an app for macOS and Windows that helps you to get your computer running more smoothly. It does so in two key ways. Firstly, it helps you to remove unwanted files and applications that are clogging up your hard drive and can even slow your computer down.

Secondly, it helps you to optimize your computer performance, ensuring that your system memory is only being used where it’s needed. This can make your PC or Mac feel much more responsive.

It’s very simple to use, with a clear interface that even technophobes will find easy to use. With no technical know-how, you can speed up your Mac or PC with just a few clicks.

Cleaner One Pro Features

Cleaner One Pro is packed with features. The majority of these are common to both Windows and macOS apps. Some features are exclusive to each operating system, however, which we’ll take a look at shortly.

Junk Files
cleaner one pro junk files

It’s all too easy for your computer to get full of junk files that are no longer needed and are just eating up space. These include temporary files that turned out to be not so temporary, system or application caches, application logs, and more. Cleaner One Pro can scan for these files, and once it’s found them, you can choose which ones you want to delete.

Big Files
cleaner one pro big files

A quick and easy way to free up space on your hard drive is to find large files that you don’t really need. Cleaner One Pro locates these files and groups them by size, making it easy for you to choose which files you want to delete.

Similar Photos
cleaner one pro similar images

Smartphones are great for photography, as you’ll almost always have a high-quality camera with you wherever you go. It does mean that the number of photos on your computer is likely to be significant, and many of them may be duplicates. Cleaner One Pro looks for images that appear to be the same, even if they have different file names. You can check the location of each and delete those that are unnecessary duplicates. This works remarkably well, finding different versions of the same images with entirely different file names.

App Manager
cleaner one pro app manager

Sometimes you might install an app, use it once or twice, and then not need it anymore or simply forget about it. The chances are you have multiple unused apps taking up space on your computer. App Manager tracks down all of your apps and allows you to sort them by the date that you last used them. Any apps you no longer need can be selected, and Cleaner One Pro will automatically uninstall them for you.

You can also control which apps launch when you start your computer. This is very useful in ensuring that you don’t have unnecessary apps automatically starting and hogging resources every time you power up your machine.

Vulnerability Scan
cleaner one pro vulnerability scan

Out-of-date apps can leave your computer at risk of malware due to known vulnerabilities. The vulnerability scan will examine your apps and provide information about any known vulnerabilities in the current versions that you have installed. If any issues are found, you can update these apps directly in Cleaner One Pro. When we tried this, it found some significant vulnerabilities that could be fixed with a click of the Update button.

Smart Scan
cleaner one pro smart scan

If you’re not sure where to start with cleaning and optimizing your computer, then Smart Scan can help. This feature scans your entire computer looking for anything that you can change to clean up or optimize your computer. You can then work through the results to achieve your goal. In essence, it runs all of the above features at once. The first time we ran it, it did take some time to trawl through everything, but it certainly wasn’t a prolonged wait.

Mac Only Features

Some features of Cleaner One Pro are exclusive to Mac, and others are exclusive to Windows. These are mostly due to the differences in how these operating systems work.

On macOS, Cleaner One Pro can run in your menu bar. This allows you to see the current memory usage at all times at the top of your screen. Clicking the menu bar icon gives you quick access to useful info such as the current memory usage or the number of junk files on your computer.
cleaner one pro menu bar

You can also click the Optimize button to reduce memory usage. Trying this on an iMac that has seen better days cleared up 7 GB of memory usage and produced a noticeable improvement in responsiveness. The memory usage began to creep up again, but the optimization definitely had a noticeable effect. The menu tool also makes it easy to see which apps are hogging all the memory. Chrome, we’re looking at you here.
cleaner one pro memory usage

If you’re using a Mac, it’s important to note that the version you can install via the App Store doesn’t include all the features of the version you can download directly from the website. If you want to use the Startup Manager or File Shredder, then you’ll need to download the app from the official website.

Windows Only Features

The Windows version of Cleaner One Pro can be downloaded from Trend Micro or the Microsoft store. It has its own equivalent of the menu bar tool, which is the desktop widget. This also allows you to see a snapshot of memory usage on your computer and quickly optimize it with a single click. You can also use the widget to open the main app window.
cleaner one pro widget

The Windows version of Cleaner One Pro also includes a registry cleaner. This tool can help you clean up your system registry by removing invalid or unwanted registry entries.
cleaner one pro registry cleaner

Is Cleaner One Pro Safe to Use?

Cleaner One Pro is absolutely safe to use, provided that you use it with caution. That’s because it allows you to delete files from your system, including those files that you may actually want to keep or those that may be necessary to the running of your computer.

That’s why you should always check exactly what you’re deleting before you hit the Remove button. If in doubt, it’s better to err on the side of caution.

Cleaner One Pro Pricing

Cleaner One Pro is the paid version of the app. You can use the free version, but it doesn’t include many of the most useful features, such as App Manager, Duplicate Files, or Vulnerability Scan.

You can upgrade to the Pro version for just $19.99 per year for a single device or $29.99 per year for up to five devices.

How Does Cleaner One Pro Compare to Alternative Apps?

Cleaner One Pro isn’t the only app on the market that offers similar features. How does it stand up against popular apps such as CleanMyMac or CCleaner?

The answer is: surprisingly well. Cleaner One Pro offers many of the same features as these apps, such as removing unwanted or unnecessary files, helping you update or uninstall apps, and getting rid of large files. Where Cleaner One Pro stands out is pricing. Currently, CleanMyMac is $34.95 per year for a single device, and CCleaner is $29.95 per year for a single device. Whilst these apps don’t share all the same features, if you’re looking for a way to keep your PC or Mac running well, then Cleaner One Pro is an effective and affordable option.

Spring Clean and Optimize Your Mac or PC with Cleaner One Pro

If you’re finding that your computer isn’t as sprightly as it once used to be, it could be time for a spot of spring cleaning. Cleaner One Pro can help you clear out all the junk that’s accumulated over time and can also optimize your memory usage so that your computer feels significantly more responsive.

There are other apps available that offer many similar features, but the most popular apps in this field come with a significantly higher price tag. Cleaner One Pro does the job effectively; you’ll be amazed by some of the junk you can find with it. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to keep your PC or Mac running at peak performance, then give Cleaner One Pro a try.

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