Clean Master for Android is a Free App to Clean Up Your Device

Over time your Android device can get cluttered up with temp files, cache, and other clutter. Clean Master is a free app that helps you easily clean it up.

Just like a computer, as you browse the web or perform various tasks on your Android device, clutter gathers up over time which can slow performance and take up storage space. Clean Master is a free app that helps you easily clean it up.

Clean Master Android main

Download Clean Master (Cleaner) from Google Play.

Clean Master Android install

Once installed, you’ll notice a simple straight-forward interface. It’s divided into four sections – History, Privacy, Tasks, and App Manager. The top area is reserved for showing you how much space you have available and used on your device’s internal memory and memory card. Since I’m using it on the Google Nexus 7, I’m getting the same figures for both.

Clean Master Android main interface

The History section is, in my humble opinion, the most useful, as it allows you to de-clutter your device. It’s divided into two tabs – Cache and Residual files. The moment you click History, the app will start calculating what you can get rid of safely.

The first time I used it, I had a couple of gigabytes occupied space in cache. As far as residual files go, look before deleting; there could be files that are actually useful on there. Also, I don’t suggest deleting gallery thumbnails – your device will just generate them back, and if there’s a lot of them, there’s a chance it will just slow down while it does that.

Clean Master Android cache

The Privacy section allows you to clean up important information on your device, like passwords, app settings and the like. It will basically just send you to the App Info menu for the respective app in your device’s Settings, but it’s still faster than going through the menus.

Clean Master Android privacy

The Tasks menu is a normal task manager, allowing you to free up RAM by cleaning running apps. Android does a pretty good job of cleaning up its own memory, but you can use it if you think it helps.

Clean Master Android tasks

Last but not least, the App Manager section allows you to easily uninstall apps, as well as to move them from the internal memory to the SD card (when possible and when an SD card is available).

Clean Master Android apps

Some of these tasks can be automated from the Settings menu, which is accessible from the main interface, using the button on the top right side. You can decide to use the Task Killer automatically or to be reminded to clean the cache at various periods of time or when it gets to a certain size.

Clean Master Android settings

The app also comes with a widget, called 1-Tap Boost that, once clicked, performs a quick clean-up, by deleting data from the cache and closing tasks.

Clean Master Android 9



  1. laura

    December 9, 2013 at 12:27 am

    Will not use it.

  2. yundiart

    December 9, 2013 at 11:05 pm

    Why did I start it stop running? Finally had no choice but to use Toolwiz Cleaner。

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