Schedule Cinema Bathroom Breaks With RunPee

RunPee is a website that focuses on one thing: the best time for you to run to the bathroom while at the movie theater. If you want to know the best time during various movies, check out this site.

RunPee is a website that focuses on one thing: the best time for you to run to the bathroom while at the movie theater. If you’re one of the apparently few people that hasn’t seen Avengers yet, take a look if you’re one of those people who normally make a few bio breaks during a trip to the theater.

runpee movie peetime calculator“I recommend the second peetime at 56 minutes in. It’s an important plot scene, but fairly easy to sum up. The last peetime isn’t great but it is the very last opportunity you’ll have. Non-stop action after that.”

The idea behind RunPee is that every movie out there has a few scenes that aren’t valuable enough to hold off a bathroom break. However if you’ve never seen the movie before, you’ll never know when these are coming up. So before before going to the movie, or during the movie on your smartphone (shame on you; you annoying screen-glower), just log in to RunPee to get the lowdown on the best time to Run for Pee!

RunPee functions as a website, but it also is available as mentioned on all of the more convenient mobile platforms as an app.

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  1. Ron White

    This is one thing I don’t have to have a program for. I have a built-in device called iBladder that tells me when it’s time to pee, and I do whatever it tells me to.

  2. Josh Windisch

    Ron- are you talking about your actual bladder or do you have an app that tells you when you should go? haha, i love the idea of this site/app though because I always am wondering when the best time to go is, or when i can duck out to refill the popcorn or something.

  3. Ziggy

    Oh, some comedic interlude on GP to start the week off. What a pissa!

    Actually, it would be much easier if you just brought along Nanny’s old bed chamber. Discretion would be the key, though.

    So we had better get an iApp for that as well. It could be called iWee@theappropriatemoment! app…Potty, eh!!

  4. Bob Eckert

    OMG. WTF. Really!!?!!
    Well, the end -is- near.
    We have been assimilated (our own fault) and
    resistance is futile.
    This web product is just so over the top stupid,
    I am nearly speechless and boy is that a rare moment.
    Anyone who would use this product and I mean anyone,
    is a MORON and a danger to society ending as we know
    it (is this what the Mayans meant?)
    I’m not laughing, I am instead horrified.
    The idea of anyone making money off of “authoritatively”
    “determining” the unimportant parts of a film that allows
    me to confidently go take a s*** or a p**** with the assurance
    that “I won’t really miss anything” and that it will take minimum
    (and for those people it would need to be) effort to “rejoin”
    the ongoing storyline is a sad testament to the state of
    our use of technology. If you can even manage your own
    “bio-events” while living your life, you are of the class of
    humans who would also run out in front of a car at night
    to cross a street, truly a “deer in headlights”. Flame at me
    all your want. Anyone who would defend this product isn’t
    worth taking seriously.

    • Name (required)

      WOW, if that’s the “nearly speechless” version, I’d hate to see the unabridged rendition.

  5. Brian Burgess

    Or you could just stick in a catheter, strap it to your leg and never take a break..

    • Bob Eckert

      Hmmm, what has worked for millions
      is to eat a diet which allows the body to
      have it’s normal poo break in the morning
      which we are programmed to do; also
      it would be equally innovative to take a
      pee break before the film and rely on our
      amazing human body to allow for the
      accumulation of bladder contents for up to
      2.5-3.0 hours before issuing a call to nature.
      But you’re right, the Avengers is such a socially,
      intellectually, spiritually important film, we should
      reply on a website to tell us when to pee. Hey,
      why don’t they add this as a database column
      on IMdb?? I want to know when to pee while
      watching such heavy fare Hangover 12 and
      Avatar 6. Have you actually used a catheter?
      Nothing to joke about.

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