BreakupText: The Easiest and Worst Way to Break Up

The jerkiest way to breakup with someone is over the phone, or worse yet, via a text message. Well, if you can’t muster the courage to do the deed, there’s an app for that.

The jerkiest way to breakup with your boyfriend or girlfriend is to do it over the phone — or worse yet, via a text message. Well, if you’re having a time getting up the courage to break up, there’s an app for that.

Breaking it off with your significant other is never easy. However, if you’re going to do it, don’t be a chicken about it. Go up to the person and let them know things aren’t right face to face. That said, some people don’t want to deal with the breakup. And if they need a little bit of help, then that’s where the BreakupText app comes along.

BreakupText app

The iPhone App to Break Up

Now, you can save yourself the trouble, the waterworks and the possibility of an angry former lover throwing your PlayStation collection at you one Blu-Ray disc at a time.

Now, you can avoid all that. You may receive an angry phone call or angry texts, but at least you won’t have to deal with them in person, you chicken.

Break up Text Reason

It’s okay, we wouldn’t want to, either.

The app costs 99 cents, and I have no one to test it out on. But the process is easy, simply flip through a few screens on why you’re breaking up, and send the message to their iPhone. The app should include the “it’s not you, it’s me” option, but I digress. If you are looking to end your relationship, this may be your ticket out.

While using this app to breakup with someone might be easier on you, you’re not going to win any points in your circle of friends — then again, maybe you will!



  1. Tenika

    Really funny post! Way too many folks (i.e., men) are going to use this app to wuss out of a face-to-face break up. *sigh*
    Now we just need a woman to come up with a “You’re Not Off the Hook that Easy Buddy” app!

    • 8bitjay

      That’s why you keep his Xbox at your place. See? At first, he thinks, “Wow…she’s really cool and lets me play Xbox.” Nooo…You’re waiting so if he breaks it off, you can be like. “Your Xbox is still here.”

    • Brian Burgess

      Mainly men? You think? Yeah, you’re probably right.

      But, I DO love the idea of your idea of an app that’s “you’re not off the hook that easy wuss” If only I were a developer…lol.

  2. Winter Chick

    Too funny, Tenika :-) I’m sure there’s a load of women who would like to have some input into what that “You’re Not Off the Hook that Easy Buddy” app would contain. Maybe a virtual bomb that would blow up their phone?? LOL

    • Brian Burgess

      @Winter Chick: Hopefully NOT while it’s in their pocket…yikes!

  3. Steve Krause

    Oh the progress of technology! Glad to see true progress in the area of human relationships. Makes me really feel great about how our culture is evolving. :)

  4. Ms Hanson

    Options should include a link to a rental truck and apartment guide plus a call blocker.

    • Steve Krause

      VERY good points…. :) and perhaps some Aspirin for the cast iron pan.

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