This Week’s Best New Android Apps

There’s a lot of new Android apps released everyday for smartphones and tablets. Here’s the best apps and games for Android this week!

Time flies – especially when checking out Android apps every day. Here are this week’s groovy collection of the latest and most promising apps from the Play Store.

Groovy Android Apps


There are lots of thermometer apps in the Play Store that measures an area’s temperature, but this app does more than that. In addition to telling you how hot or cold a room is, it can also tell you the temperature of your battery, or your device. Both Celsius and Fahrenheit can be set as a unit of measurement.



Tired of setting your camera’s timer to take a photo of yourself? PeaceSnap takes a photo when you make the peace sign. Now that’s groovy! There’s not a lot of user feedback about this app because it’s super new, so we’ll try to give it a spin and do a review next week.


Track your mobile data usage with this handy app and never go beyond your budget. With DataWiz, you can monitor cellular and Wi-Fi use in real time and allot daily, monthly or weekly limits. You can also track which apps use most power, which is always helpful to troubleshoot slow phone performance.


Groovy Android Games


Jellyflop is a cute physics-based puzzle game where you help a jellyfish fly or flop around by drawing lines – the rest is up to gravity. The game has cute and vibrant graphics and an interesting premise, so it might just be worth a try.


Gun Zombie: Halloween

Shoot zombies with the newest addition to the Gun Zombie series. Here, zombies are dressed for Halloween and comes at you in extra scary form.


Minesweeper for Windows

There isn’t really too many reasons to play this game other than to relive a fondness for a puzzle game that existed as early as Windows 3.1, or to relive the 90’s when this was still considered cool.


There aren’t a lot of apps we think is worth a look this week, but let us know if something slipped our radar. What app or game did you find awesome this week?

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