This Week’s Best New Android Apps and Games – Week 46

Awesome Android apps are released all the time, and no matter how busy my week is, I always have time to check them out. Here’s the best from this past week.

No matter how busy my week is, I always have time to check new apps and try them out. This keeps my interest with the Android platform constantly in tune, and I couldn’t help but be continuously amazed and entertained by the new things I find each day. Without further adieu, here are some of the best and most interesting ones I’ve found this week.

Android Apps

Cugga App Market

A pretty unique and interesting alternative to finding Android apps and games, Cugga App Market presents apps with the user in mind. Instead of listing apps and games into categories, Cugga shows suggested apps based on the user’s mood. Although it’s a new take on app discovery, it may work for more novice users who are still finding their way into the wide world of Android apps.

cugga app market

GPS Volume Control

This cool and useful app adjusts your Android device’s notification volume depending on your GPS location. Never forget to manually turn your device off or in Silent/Vibrate mode when stepping into the office, a meeting or a movie theater.

gps volume


Do you wish you could filter only photo updates from your Facebook and Twitter friends? This app has got you covered. Every is a photo feed of three popular social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Now you can view and connect with friends in photos and not much else.


Pixlr Express

Over 600+ filters, overlays and photo effects are in this awesome and free photo editing app. Everything looks beautiful when applied, so it doesn’t feel like the quantity lessened the quality of these filters. I’ll be doing a full review of this amazing new app next week, so stay tuned.

pixlr express

Android Games

Arcane Legends

From the creators of Pocket Legends, this online collaborative RPG promises stunning graphics and compelling storylines. Heroes of the game are faced with mystical traps and evil creatures – but they wouldn’t be alone. Each hero can grow cute and helpful pets to make their quests easier.

arcane legends

Zombie Evil

An evil doctor has released his zombie armies into the world to annihilate the human race. You’re one of the few brave humans left, and your only defense is as much ammunition as you can shoot. This heavy zombie shooter may not be very original, but the graphics more than makes up for it.

zombie evil

Sushi Panic

This mindless tapping game encourages you to tap in the name of great, creature-free sushi. Tap on the sushi characters on the plate to clear each level. The game is pretty simple and cheesy, but the cute graphics and funny characters are enough for anyone to keep playing – even for just a few minutes more.

sushi panic

Space Invaders

There is nothing visually interesting about this game. But it’s a groovy throwback to a well-loved classic, so it deserves our attention. Give the 3D vanity a rest and shoot up alien spacecrafts the old fashioned way.

space invaders


Zombies. If you can’t beat them, join them – at least in this game. Brainsss will let you play the part of the zombie to lead your horde of fellow undead and overtake humanity. This game has gotten great reviews from various sources, so it’s safe to say it’s worth the download. The graphics look amazing, too.


That wraps up a rather short list for this week. I hope you check them out and find one to your liking. If there’s any new app or game you’ve discovered, don’t hesitate to share on the comments section.

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