10 Awesome Addictive Games for Google Chrome

We recently shared some useful Chrome extensions that help boost productivity, but everyone needs some time to relax and and fun. Google Chrome has a huge library of games, and here’s some of the best.

We recently shared some useful Chrome extensions that help boost productivity,  but everyone needs some time to relax and and fun. Google Chrome has a huge library of games, and here’s some of the best.

Angry Birds

Angry BirdsAngry Birds is one of the best games available on smartphones and is available for Google Chrome as well. Angry Birds for Google Chrome can be played offline. The game offers Standard Definition and High Definition resolutions. Based on five different worlds with many levels, you need to fling the birds on the pigs and complete the levels.

Download Angry Birds


BejeweledIf you are a fan of puzzle games, this game is a must try for you. In Bejeweled Blitz, all the user has to do is swap gems with same color and make points. The game has good graphics and game play, and offers users with two modes: Classic and Speed.

Download Bejeweled


BastionIf you are an RPG fan, you should definitely give this game a try. The game offers different levels in which you take charge and find out secrets as to why the world is in chaos and complete objectives. The game offers excellent graphics and gameplay and I sure you will amazed by the way the game story proceeds.

Download Bastion

Cut The Rope

Cut The ROpeCut The Rope is one of the most addictive and time wasting game I have played. In Cut The Rope, your task is to cut the rope and feed Om Nom with the candy. It is not as simple as it sounds because you have to make sure that after you cut the rope from the candy, it lands directly in the character’s mouth otherwise you lose.

Download Cut The Rope

Plants Vs Zombies

PLants vs ZOmbiesIn Plants vs Zombies, the world is overrun by zombies and your task is to protect your house in this action packed, strategy game by planting trees that attack them and make sure they don’t enter your house. If they do, you are a dead meat and game ends. You have to plant the trees in the most suitable areas as fast as possible to make sure they you don’t get consumed by the dead.

Download Plants vs Zombies

Command & Conquer Tiberian Alliance

C&CAre you a Command & Conquer fan and want to play it the game without installing the full version of it? If yes, try Command & Conquer Tiberian Alliance for Google Chrome where your task would be to build a base, optimize the resource production so that you can build an army and discover new attack tactics and strategies in order to defeat your opponent.

Download Command & Conquer Tiberian Alliance

Drivers Parking

Drivers ParkingDo you think you have great parking skills and can park the car any way possible? Think again and try Drivers Parking for Google Chrome. In this simple yet addictive game, your task is to park the cars in the parking slot with hitting any cars around you. The less time you take to park the car, the better it is.

Download Drivers Parking

SparkChess 6

SparkChess 6Are you a chess player and want to play it in your browser either on your lunch break or when you are at home? Check out SparkChess 6, an addictive chess game with 3D graphics that allows users to play the game against computer or play it online with their friends. The game offers three difficulty levels that you can play with computer to test your game skills.

Download SparkChess 6

Cargo Bridge

Cargo BridgeCargo Bridge is a very addictive game for Google Chrome that allows users to test their construction skills. As a builder, your task is to construct a bridge with a limited budget and test it if its strong enough to help your workers carry items from other side of the valley. To complete the level, you must bring back all the items by constructing a strong bridge that can carry their weight with limited resources, depending on the level you are playing.

Download Cargo Bridge


TetrisTetris is one of the best classical games of all time and I don’t think this game needs any introduction what so ever. Your task is to turn the blocks as they appear and fill up rows in order to get rid of them. The bigger the row, the more points you get. Play it as long as the blocks doesn’t touch the top and see how much you can score.

Download Tetris

Happy gaming!

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