AppDialer is a New and Unique Way to Launch Android Apps

Do you miss the days of physical keyboards on smartphones, and have a ton of apps to find? AppDialer is a unique and geeky way to find them. Here’s a look.

If you like to keep tons of apps installed on your Android smartphone, AppDialer provides a unique way to search for your apps. If you’re missing the days when all phones had physical keyboards, this gives you a fun new way of searching for a certain app.

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AppDialer caters to those who are used to a physical keyboard and provides a simple way to find what you need quickly.

First install the free version from the Google Play Store.  A paid version is also available which includes extra features — you can get it here.

You’ll notice a phone dial pad, but the difference is that, once you hit one of the keys, it will search for an app that has the letters on said key in its name. In the example below, I typed 7-6-8 for S-O-U and I got SoundHound.


But maybe I can only remember a part of the name of an app. For example, I know that I have a Hearts game on my Android device, but I can’t remember its full name. I can type 4-3-2 for H-E-A and Aces Hearts will come up.


However, you might say that it’s a bit annoying to find an app, start it and then use it to find another app, and I couldn’t disagree with you. The good thing is that AppDialer comes together with a widget too. You can have the widget at your disposal at all times, for searching for apps.


The Pro version also offers options to uninstall apps, as well as a quick launch bar, but I personally found the free one enough for my needs. It’s unique and might take some getting used to. Give it a try and lets us know your thoughts in a comment below.

Here’s a look at a short video showing it in action:

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