Download Multiple Files From Any Website in Android with Downloader

Downloader for Android is a file downloading tool that will satisfy speed junkies. It allows you to download multiple files simultaneously from web pages.

Downloader for Android is an impressive file downloading tool to satisfy speed junkies. The app lets you download media files from any website simultaneously by simply tapping on them. Files are then saved into a built-in file manager where they are sorted out by file type. From within the app, files can be shared to other apps like email, social networks or sent to other devices via Bluetooth.

File downloads are faster than what one would expect from a smart phone app. Small files like documents and images take more or less a second, and larger files like video and audio do not take more than a minute, provided it’s of a reasonable size. You can also set the number of simultaneous downloads (maximum of 10 files) in the app’s settings menu. Even with eight files set as maximum allowed downloads, the app was able to keep up without any noticeable lags or delays.

Other than lightning fast download speeds, Downloader proves to be a great app to manage files after they’re downloaded. With a sidebar that neatly shows the categories for each file type, you don’t have to browse through your file manager or sort through a rather unorganized photo gallery to look for downloaded files.


The app can download just about any file that has a link to the original source. However, if the file is shown as a thumbnail on a web page, it’s most likely that you need to tap on it and open the file in its actual size and location before you can tap on it again to download it. This is where Downloader falls short of expectations, as I truly felt that tapping on multiple thumbnails before being able to download them takes away from the overall usability of the app.

Although there are lots of other features in addition to downloading files, the app interface can be a bit cluttered and confusing. Sidebars are utilized on both sides – one for the Menu and another for Downloads, which by themselves are pretty vague descriptions of what they actually do. It may take a bit of navigating to know which buttons do what, so this app is better off with patient and tech-savvy users.

Despite its challenging interface, Downloader is a solid and reliable app for fast and organized downloads for any file type from the web. Though the app design might not be ideal for the easily perplexed novice, it offers big, time-saving perks when used correctly.

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