Open-With Firefox Extension Review – Launch Chrome or IE from Firefox

With each new release of Firefox, I find myself using Google Chrome less and less. As much as I like Firefox however, Google sites and services like Google Voice Search, Google Apps.etc.. will always run better on Chrome than Firefox. Because of this, up until recently I found myself jumping between browsers pretty much all day. There must be a better solution. Good news – I found one.

Firefox Extension Open With, once installed allows you to easily launch other browsers (Chrome, IE, Safari etc..) by simple right-clicking on a page and selecting which browser to open it with. Sound groovy? Let’s review the install and quick config.

First download the Firefox Extension Open With from Click the Add to Firefox button to install it.

Note: All my screenshots are taken using Firefox 6. If you’re running an older/newer version, the screenshots below should help you get through the setup and config.

open with download

If a warning pops during the install, just click Install if you trust the author. Geoff has a good rep and can to trust him with his app.

confirm install

After install, restart your browser to complete the extension install.

Now it’s time to configure it. Click the little Firefox Arrow to open the Firefox File Menu (Top Left of your Firefox browser).

Firefox Arrow open options


Click Add-ons.

Click Add-ons

Under the Extensions Tab on the left, find the Open With App and click Options.

Open-with extensions option

Under Main Context Menu drop down, click Display as menu items . This is what allows the context menu to display when you right-click on a page.

Open with options - main context menu

Additionally, you can also change which browsers will be displayed and their order. In my example, I moved Google Chrome to the top using the Up-Arrow.

Google Chrome open-with order

With everything installed and configured, Open a new Firefox tab or Window and visit Right-click anywhere on the page to display your new Open-With browser options.

testing open-with context menu

Guest Author:
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  1. kember

    April 14, 2012 at 2:08 am

    Does this work on Win 7?

    • horst

      May 10, 2012 at 8:06 am

      For me it works on Win7. I use this firefox addon since release of it. i love it, i jump to chrome, Ie, Safari, Opera, … evryday @work.

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