What is Your Favorite or Default Web Browser?

With so many browsers out there, the browser wars keep heating up. Here at groovyPost, we’re interested in knowing which one is your default browser. Maybe you are forced to use Internet Explorer at work, but prefer Google Chrome or Firefox at home?

Web browsers poll

Cast your vote in the poll below and leave us a comment on why you prefer the browser you choose. Have fun!



  1. mat lee

    Chrome All the way. Used to use opera then seamonkey. finally settled on chrome.

  2. Brian Burgess

    I am sticking with Firefox. Old habits die hard. I am just so familiar with it and am comfortable with it.

    Although, I use Chrome when I need a second browser open. Trying to get it to where my custom setup of Firefox is…that I’ve been working on over the years.

  3. ShockerSH

    Firefox for the win. I was using Google Chrome for awhile but got hooked back into Chrome due to all the awesome Firefox plugins.

  4. AlanWade

    WaterFox, the only 64bit variant of Firefox that is actually fast like hell……………….

  5. Bogdan Bele

    Firefox. I like Chrome, but I’m too used to Firefox for work. Guess I’m in Brian’s situation…

  6. Brian Burgess

    Bogdan, I would actually switch to Chrome if it had a Master Password for your remembered passwords just like you wrote about in your recent article: https://www.groovypost.com/howto/firefox-master-password-protect/

    Maybe there is a Master Password for it now? Or does anyone know of a plugin for it?

    • Sup

      Have you tried “Lastpass”… works for almost all the browsers including chrome and firefox.

  7. Ziggy

    Went off Firefox sometime ago when they introduced multiple updates, although the kids still love using it because each can have their own Profile. Chrome also has this feature, which I use from time to time.

    As for my main browser I use Internet Explorer 9. Has never caused issues or broken down, unlike some iterations of Firefox. Tried Opera and Safari, but they’re not as good as IE9. I found those two browsers to be quite cumbersome and not so user friendly.

  8. Gatoloco

    I like Internet Explorer.I tried Firefox for about a year but came back to I.E.It’s so much simpler when dealing with downloads.I actually lost 6 downloaded songs because I couldn’t find the file Firefox put them in.

  9. Brian Burgess

    Yeah, actually IE 9 is pretty solid for sure. I use it to go to certain Microsoft sites like Technet and others just cuz they dispaly SO much better.

  10. Brian

    A big fan of Firefox – I am a bit of an addon freak, though.

  11. limerockcodger

    Sticking with FireFox (but boy it pisses me off on a regular basis).

    Really only because of its integration with FireFTP (which I use seamlessly and constantly as I manage multiple websites).Please nobody tell me patronizingly that I can open a separate window with whatever FTP client and use Chrome. NO… that doesn’t cut in in a 5 or 6 hour day at the keyboard!!

    The easy flashblock addon is the deal clincher, but goddamn the freakin’ memory leakage only gets worse and worse…

    I do, however, keep Chrome open in my secondary workstation laptop on my iGoogle page. The gmail widget only refreshes properly on it, in FF it requires regular refreshing, and I need to monitor my mail AND RSS feeds constantly.

    As for IE…I bill my clients double if I have to open that godforsaken M$ P.O.S.

    • Steve Krause

      I agree with you on that one. It’s the Extensions (Or Add-On’s) that keep me locked into Firefox as well. That and the ability to resize images on WordPress through just click and Drag. IE and Chrome can’t do that.

      And yeah… I also use Chrome half the day but usually find myself back in Firefox normally.

  12. Harry

    I use Firefox, most of the time. I also like chrome for some special features, but the only thing I’ve been unable to get over, is the chrome tab bar. It must be below the address bar. The day chrome gives me the option to move the tab bar below the address bar (just as in Firefox), I’ll start using chrome and maybe stop using FF because it is often too resource heavy.

  13. reholmes

    I really like Chrome and used it until about six months ago when it became tragically slow–map renderings literally took minutes. Interestingly, nobody seemed to know why.

    Now I use Opera, I like it and it’s fast, but would have preferred the “old” Chrome.

    Any answers out there?

  14. Terry Hollett

    I prefer Opera. SeaMonkey would be my second choice.

    • Steve Krause

      @Terry – you know, I’ve never ventured away from the big 3 (Firefox/Chrome/IE). I should really give Opera a shot. Do you like it because it has nice Add-on’s or its speed or?

      • ljboardman

        OPERA combined with DuckDuckGo has been my bulletproof solution for more than 5 years. The combination is accurate, fast and reliable. When working away from my own network I respect the IT Policy of the client. When their policy requires a specific browser etc. I’m happy to work within their policy. The combination of Opera and DuckDuckGo allows me to move quickly Unencumbered by a stream of ads camouflaged as search results. The combination defeats trackers and directors by design. When working confidentiality, Opera provides fast on demand VPN Service. I can choose an appropriately flagged static IP. On the other hand I can avoid the static IP all together.

  15. mick

    Firefox is my favorite but for android phone it’s hard to beat opera’s speed.

  16. Ralph

    In Windows XP for me it was Love Firefox but use Chrome….

    With Windows 7 however, Firefox 10 is Magic. Still use Chrome at times and I.E 9 on the rare occasion.

  17. Louie Jr

    A while back I would of said IE 9. But after playing around with Chrome for a while … I got hooked!

  18. Why

    Why is not Maxthon in the poll???

  19. someone

    i also like maxthon . i hope maxhon3 will be as good as maxthon2.

  20. BobbyPhoenix

    Maxthon 3

  21. Sourav

    I found IE9 is the best of all. It’s awesome.

  22. Daniel White

    I think Opera is by far the best! Its Chromium based and has the all important feature for me of being able to save web pages as PDF without losing any of the page’s format!!!

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