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GrandCentral Upgrade to Google Voice FINIALLY!

There’s been an ongoing Forum thread on my GrandCentral migration to Google Voice and this morning when I got to work I logged into GrandCentral and was pleasantly surprised that my account was now ready for migration to Google Voice!     Of course I quickly clicked the UPGRADE button and was redirected over to […]

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Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Today [Release Alert]

It’s official, this morning Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 (IE8.)  If you’re looking for the download link, I suggest heading here: for the Download Link and all the Internet Explorer 8 goodness.  😉   Packed full of new features and concepts I guess it’s time I finally install it on my primary box.   […]

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Site News and Announcements :

This weekend I made a few significant upgrades to  All but one should be invisible to the readers.  However, if anyone notices any “funny” behavior on the site, please let me know ASAP either here on in the Forum.   Updates:   1)  The first change this weekend was cutting over from SEO Title […]

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Understand Your Internet Connection and Test its Speed

Since the release of DSL, Internet Service Providers (ISP) have been marketing the Internet Bandwidth Speeds of their service to steal customers away from their competitors.  The first battle was Dial-Up vs. DSL.  Followed by DSL vs. High-Speed Cable and of course today it’s High-Speed Cable vs. Verizon FIOS. Honestly, the battle for “Speed” supremacy […]

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