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Convert Email to Plain Text in Outlook 2007

One method used to infect Windows PCs is through malformed/malicious HTML content stored inside emails (and in most cases hidden.)  Because of this, one of the first things I do after installing Microsoft Outlook is set the client to convert all received email to Plain Text.  The setting in Outlook 2007 is “Read all standard […]

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Map Active Directory and Exchange Topology Automatically

Earlier this week Microsoft released a cool tool called the Microsoft Active Directory Topology Diagrammer.  It’s a free application which reads your Active Directory configuration using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and then automatically generates a detailed Visio diagram of your Active Directory environment.  Visio 2003 or 2007 is required to run this tool. (more…)

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Radiohead – In Rainbows Free Online Download

Today I downloaded the latest (Amazing) Music CD from one of my favorite bands, Radiohead.  With the release, Radiohead is breaking new ground in how they are selling their music. They are cutting out the middleman between them and their fans (bye bye distributors and sleazy music industry) and They’re not selling the music, they’re […]

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Microsoft TechNet Virtual Labs

Microsoft TechNet Virtual Labs [groovyTips]

I’ve recently been playing with the Microsoft VirtualLabs, and I have to say, it’s a nice way to play around with the latest Microsoft software without having to invest more than a few minutes getting set up.  I’ve been playing with Microsoft SoftGrid for over a year now.  However just a few moments ago I […]

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Take a ScreenShot or Screen Capture in Windows XP

Unlike Windows Vista, Windows XP doesn’t have a great screen snipping tool.  That being the case, it’s still possible to take Screen Shots, Screen Capture or Screen Snip in Windows XP; it’s just not as easy OR sexy. Using the process below, I’ll demonstrate a few ways to capture virtually any image you see on […]

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Microsoft Releases Windows Server 2008 RC0 [groovyNews]

Today Microsoft released Windows Server 2008 RC0 along with a slew of other downloads. Taking a look at the Download Center on the Forum, for all the releases. Here’s a few I noted: Windows Server 2008 RC0 Enterprise Windows Server 2008 RC0 DataCenter Windows Media Services for Windows Server 2008 RC0 Windows Server 2008 Technical […]

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