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Microsoft Releases Security Update MS08-078 Out of Band [Security Alert]

Microsoft releases Security Updates on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.  In the “industry” it’s called “Microsoft Super Tuesday.”  I usually don’t talk about it much because it’s been happening for years and under most normal circumstances your Windows machine will Auto-Update using Windows Update or WSUS if you have a Corporate machine.   Once […]

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Rock out with Gmail’s Full Potential Unleashed

Everyone on the internet by now knows that Gmail is a free email service available to anyone.  Some people even consider it a religious practice to set up as many Gmail accounts as they can and e-mail themselves pretending they have friends.  Some people have asked me, “Why should I use e-mail when I have […]

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Securely Shop Online Using PayPal [Online Shopping]

Probably because of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I’ve recently been asked at least a dozen times “Is it safe to shop online?” Rather than respond to all those emails, I’ve decided to dedicate an entire Groovy Series to online shopping covering everything from online payments, great deals, and cash back options.  Hopefully, the series […]

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Microsoft Dumps FolderShare – Rebrands as Windows Live Sync

  Being a long time, loyal fan of the popular file sharing service, I wasn’t exactly surprised by the announcement that Microsoft will be dumping the legacy FolderShare name (FolderShare was a Microsoft acquisition 12-18 months ago) and rebranding the services – Windows Live Sync.  Granted, I “thought” the strategy would be to work […]

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