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Microsoft Dumps FolderShare – Rebrands as Windows Live Sync

  Being a long time, loyal fan of the popular file sharing service, I wasn’t exactly surprised by the announcement that Microsoft will be dumping the legacy FolderShare name (FolderShare was a Microsoft acquisition 12-18 months ago) and rebranding the services – Windows Live Sync.  Granted, I “thought” the strategy would be to work […]

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Disable UAC Pop-Up for Administrators in Windows Vista

Windows Vista comes with some pretty nice security features.  One of them is User Account Control (UAC) designed to fill the gaps currently being exploited on Grand Ma’s computer using Windows XP.  In an earlier article, I discussed How To Easily Disable User Account Control (UAC) on Windows Vista.  This time I’m going to show […]

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Disable IE ESC for Windows Server 2003

Removing or Disabling Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration (IE ESC) for Windows Server 2003 is a simple process, however, today when I showed someone how to do this at work, I realized I’d not documented the process yet here on so…  Let’s get to it!   Note – This How-To Tutorial is for Server […]

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Quickly Send Text Messages for Free Using E-Mail

It’s amazing to me how popular “texting” or Text Messaging has become over the last few years.   Additionally, what’s even more amazing to me is the fact that a new language and possibly even a new culture appears to have spawned from this new technology!  OMG, IMO it’s crzy LOL!  😉   As fantastic as […]

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New Update for Microsoft Office Communicator Mobile

  For those of you with Windows Mobile phones & Microsoft LCS implemented, today Microsoft released a new update to their Office Communicator Mobile 2007 Client.  Previously released in 2007, this November release includes several update fixes.  Interesting enough to warrant an Honorable “Groovy” Mention. 😉   You can find the Update here – Microsoft […]

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