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Verizon Fios Blocks Inbound Port 80

Yes, it’s true.  In all my excitement I failed to test my inbound port 80 for a few days after getting my new Verizon Internet connection installed.  But alas it’s true.  Verizon doesn’t like people to run home web servers, so they decided to block Port 80. After speaking with Verizon for ~5 hours and talking […]

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Easily Transfer, Share or Store Files Online

A few months back I stumbled across a really cool Website @ which makes files sharing, backup, transfers, etc… EASY.  Although I’ve previously used other services like or Live SkyDrive,, in my opinion, sets itself apart from the competitors even though the FREE version of the site only offers 100 megs. UPDATE […]

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Two Words – Verizon FIOS!!!

The wait is finally over. After months of watching Verizon install all the Fiber infrastructure in my neighborhood (bless the Orange cabling!!!), I checked the Verizon Website, and it confirmed that FIOS is now available at my home!   My install date is February 8th. I went with the 15Megs Upload/15 Megs Download for $64.99 […]

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Fix for Slow WordPress Admin Pages

A few days ago something very odd started to happen on all my WordPress sites.  The site itself was lightning fast (as normal) however all the admin pages were taking over 30 seconds to display as shown below: The first thing I did was take a look at the SQL side and discovered the WordPress’s […]

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