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TinEye Image Search Engine Tool

Become An Online Image Detective With TinEye

Perhaps someone posted a picture of you online and you want to figure out where it came from and where it’s been shared?  Or maybe you found a picture you really like but want to find a larger copy?  Or…  Perhaps your a photographer and want to ensure no one is stealing your photos…  In […]

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Groovy News

Skype Lawsuit Could Net You A $4 Refund

On January 12, 2010, Skype concluded a class action lawsuit in which they settled for $1.85 million.  The lawsuit took place in the United States and only applies to U.S. Skype customers who lost Skype credits.  Skype was sued for “stealing” your paid-for SkypeOut credits if they weren’t used within six months from purchase, regardless […]

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Windows Live Mobile Comes To Windows Phones [groovyNews]

Recently Microsoft updated Windows Live for its Windows Mobile operating system.  As some of the functionality of Live was already available, the update includes several enhancements and packs many of the features of Windows Live into a single application for mobile phones.  After taking a deeper look into this release, here’s what I’ve been able […]

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Gmail Moving All Access to HTTPS [groovyNews]

After the recent hacking incident in China, it’s no wonder that Google is looking for ways to increase overall security across its platform.  Since 2008 Google has made available the option to always use HTTPS or SSL when accessing your Gmail account. However this was not the default configuration.  On Tuesday night Google made the […]

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Microsoft Math Solves Complex Math Easily

If you’re a student making your way through math class, it can be helpful to have a tutor.  Then again, there are several reasons why a tutor won’t work out; money, time, personality, smell, etc.   Good news!  Microsoft has created a stand-alone program which can act as your virtual tutor and help with not only […]

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Google Docs Updated – Now Supports All file Types

Recently Google Rolled out one of their most groovy updates to Google Docs as of yet.  Effective immediately, you can upload any file type (250mb file size limit) to your Google Docs Account.  Here’s the info and a brief tutorial on using the upload process within Google Docs. We’ve covered Google Docs in the past […]

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Install A Loopback Adapter In Windows 7 [How-To]

The Microsoft Loopback adapter is a groovy little tool originally designed for testing network configurations.  Over time, however, many other uses have been found for it – such as networking two computers together without using a cross-over Ethernet cable, and connecting virtual machines to the internet.  We’ve covered setup for the loopback adapter in XP […]

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