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Free Avatar Backgrounds Theme Courtesy of Microsoft

For you SciFi freaks I mean groovyReaders out there who just can’t get enough of James Cameron’s latest blockbuster hit Avatar, Microsoft has a special gift for you. For an unknown amount of time (possibly forever???) Microsoft has made available a new Windows 7 theme made up of several dramatic scenes from the movie.  Here’s […]

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Good and Bad Fonts

How to Add Custom Fonts To Windows 7

When you’re working on a project, and you want to give it an original feel, a custom font can be useful.  In Windows 7, Microsoft added an easy to use user interface for installing and managing fonts which is a nice upgrade over the previous drag and drop method we had in Windows Vista and XP. Downloading […]

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Turn Off Windows 7 & 8 Search Feature

Manage Windows Passwords Using Windows Vault [How-To]

If you use a lot of different Microsoft services, it can get confusing sometimes remembering all your credentials (passwords and usernames) for each one.  Sure, you could just use one universal username and password for everything, but that poses an obvious security risk.  That’s where Windows 7 comes in with it’s Windows Vault that will […]

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