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Dexter’s Device of the Week: The “MiFi”

Since I am a big time wireless user at home and work, this little device caught my attention.  Novatel Wireless has produced a small gadget roughly the same size as an iPhone.  They are calling it the MiFi, a “mobile WiFi broadcasting device.”   The device itself is sleek and thin and will fit in […]

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How-To Change Your Google Voice Phone Number

  Earlier in the month, Google Announced that Google Voice users can now quickly change their phone numbers for a $10 fee.  The process allows you to choose an area code and search for a number based on numbers or letters.  This idea is great news for those who have moved recently to a new […]

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How-To Request a Google Voice Invitation

This week after writing about my latest Google Voice Invite, I received about 30 emails asking How-To request a Google Voice Invite to setup an account.  So, instead of answering all the emails, I appropriately figured I’d just write up the 30-second How-To process.   6/23/2010 Update – Google Voice Goes Public!  Get Invite Now! […]

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Google Announces “Chrome OS” (Operating System)

Google, with its somewhat successful (not really) launch of the Chrome internet browser, has just made it publicly known they intend to enter Microsoft’s realm with Chrome OS.  The operating system is scheduled for release mid-2010.  Interestingly enough, they will be releasing the source code later this year.  The good news for Microsoft is that […]

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GFI Freeware – LANguard and Home Backup

GFI recently advertised FreeWare products on the cover of the July Issues of TechNet Magazine kicking off it’s We Care imitative.  I’ve always been a fan of GFI and even more so now after reviewing the advertised link!  GFI actually is giving away three great products (only two are available at the time of this […]

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Delete Wordpress Blog

How-To Setup a Private Family WordPress Blog

If you’re looking to run a Private Friends and Family Website, look no further!  John Kolbert just did everyone a HUGE favor by releasing the WordPress Plugin Absolute Privacy. Like John, I’ve run a “Private” family blog for friends and relatives which I secured using a less than elegant Site Password via a .htaccess file.  […]

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