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access the network and sharing center in windows 7

How to Setup the Windows 7 VPN Client

Usually (about 99% of the time) VPN is used by corporate users to connect back to their Corp. network to get access to their file shares, SharePoint servers blah blah blah. Occasionally, however, VPN can be used by home users to connect back into their home network (or on the other side of Mom’s firewall […]

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Allow A Program Through the Windows 7 Firewall [How-To]

It seems like with most Windows 7 ready programs, during installation they are automatically granted access through the Windows Firewall.  Most of the time this is fine. However, I’ve run into situations where some programs later might have issues accessing the Internet.   An excellent example of this is Remote Desktop, which by default is […]

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Yelp Backs Out of Google Acquisition [groovyNews]

It’s not every day a small company CEO walks away from $550 million dollars, but over the weekend Jeremy Stoppleman did just that.  Google had been in negotiations with Yelp to acquire the review site, and the deal was nearly ready for signature before the deal soured.  With this going sideways, Google won’t gain the […]

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