YouTube Comments Now Tied Directly to Google+

YouTube accounts are now locked in with Google+ as the search engine giant updated its commenting system today. Users that want to remain anonymous will have to create a separate Google+ page or change their Google+ profile to a pseudo-name.


auto share comments on google+

If you’re using a legacy YouTube account that isn’t attached to Google+, you can no longer comment on YouTube. I just tested this out and the web video conglomerate now requires that the account be attached to a Google+ page or account. Say goodbye to anonymity, if you want to comment you’ll have to finally fill out the YouTube account name form that most of us have been anxiously avoiding. The last option now is that there is still a small work-around that lets you leave comments from a redundant Google+ page. The good side of this is it makes it super easy to put your YouTube comments on Google+, if you care.

Are you still using your original YouTube name? Next time you click the comment box you’ll see the all-too-familiar “update your channel” box. This time it’s done playing games and will block your ability to comment until you complete it. If you want to stay anonymous, click the “I don’t want to use my full name” button.

update your channel to comment

On the next section there are two options that don’t directly attach your Google+ profile, the option to create a new Google+ page (as if your YouTube channel is a business) or to keep your YouTube username. Note if you opt to keep your YouTube username it will still create a new Google+ page named after your YouTube account. Regardless of what you do, Google will force you to accept the Pages terms of service agreement to finish.

agree to the pages terms

Whichever way you decide to go through with it, Google+ will be attached to the YouTube username you leave comments with. If you decide that you didn’t like what just happened, you can go back into your YouTube settings and unlink the account within 14 days. To do this click the account arrow at the top-right of any page on and select Settings.


Then click “Temporarily disconnect Google+ page, and use your YouTube username.”

unlink accounts

The Google+ page you created will remain attached to your Google account, but your YouTube account name will change back to what it was before.  However, once you do this you won’t be able to comment until you go through the “update your channel” dialog again.

youtube channel to google+

What do you groovy readers think about this new change that unconditionally ties Google+ directly to YouTube?



  1. DP

    So-called “social networking” (i.e. airing one’s dirty linen in public) leaves me stone cold. The last thing I need is to be told I need a Facebook look-alike account in order to post comments. Had enough of their badgering re. name change. I shall be changing my newsletters that currently arrive by G-Mail to another one of my mail accounts and gradually drift away from Google. They are becoming far too intrusive in my opinion.

    • Austin Krause

      I have to agree with you. I haven’t been a fan of social networking ever since Myspace first introduced it. I have many, many reasons why I don’t like it, but privacy/security has to be at the top of the list. Uploading personal photos and details of your life onto a web server that isn’t controlled/owned by you is never a good idea. But social networking takes it a step further, because you’re now telling these online companies not only all of your personal details, but also letting them know exactly who your circle of friends is. It’s completely invasive on your life. And what do you get from it? Something email and picture messaging already provided. At least with LinkedIn it can increase job opportunities.

  2. Andrew Dickweedson

    There are reports of 7 suicides, God I hate Google plus! Leave youtube alone!

  3. justadbeer

    I’m not getting that warm and fuzzy feeling that youtube / Google+ is trying to ram down my throat as an “improvement” in a nutshell, this new comment section bullshit! I don’t want to share my offensive and sexual comments with my friends and family lol.

  4. anonymous

    Seems like a good time to never comment on youtube again.

  5. Jon Clem

    As a Youtube creator. This is bad news, and we have less interaction with our audience now. Here are my thoughts about it.

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