Yahoo! Security Breach: Find Out if Your Account was Hacked

453,000 Yahoo! accounts have been hacked with the username and password posted online. Here’s how to find out if your account is one of them.

Houston, we have another problem… Over 453,000 usernames and passwords have been leaked to the internet by hackers; they were taken off a Yahoo! Voice server, TrustedSec says. Here’s how to see whether your account has been compromised or not.

yahoo password leak

Give me the Hack details!

First, the problem for Yahoo! and its customers is fairly large. 453,141 Yahoo Voice account passwords were also lost during the hack. Of which 342,481 are unique. These are accounts from different providers, although the majority are Yahoo accounts (135,599 of them). There are also 106,185 Gmail Accounts, Hotmail (54,393), AOL (24,677), as well as Comcast and MSN, a report by security company Sucuri says.

What’s worse is there are also accounts from .gov and .mill addresses… Let’s just hope none of them use the same password around the net or at work… Yeah, not likely.

As is normal with each hack, we’ve looked at the data and it appears most people have not yet read Steve’s groovyPost on creating a strong password.  For example, 1,666 people were using the password “123456”. Another 222 people were using the password “123456789” and 780 were using “password”. Another 437 were using the dictionary word “welcome” and 333 more were using “ninja”. Yeah… Not good. Friends don’t let friends use cheap passwords!

Was my account hacked?

It really doesn’t matter if your account was hacked or not. If you have a Yahoo! account, just change it anyway and be sure to use a strong, easy to remember password. Please, please please don’t use a simple dictionary word. If you do, you might as well not use a password at all. Really.

Now if you’re curious….. you can fairly easily check if your account was owned or not. has a tool which allows you to check. Just click here, input your email address and it will walk you through the process of checking if your account was on the list. Personally, even if it’s not listed I would still change it.

Security in both the Physical and Online world is all about layered security. The more layers, the better chance you have of keeping your home and your data secure. Be sure to read our groovyPost Guide to Online Security if you’ve not read it recently. In it, Steve Krause our founder lists some simple to implement and practical layers which can significantly improve your online privacy and security of your online accounts.

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