Windows 10 Technical Preview Build 10041 Available Now

Microsoft started rolling out the next build of Windows 10 for Windows Insiders today — build 10041. Here’s a look at how to get it and what’s new.

Microsoft has started rolling out the latest windows 10 Technical Preview build (10041) for Windows Insiders. According to Microsoft, the new build is being rolled out to Windows 10 installs configured on the Fast Ring.

So, if you’re on the bleeding edge with the Fast Ring enabled, check to see if the build is ready for you to download through Windows Update. For now the company is rolling the new build out via Windows Update. According to Gabe Aul, the leader of the program, ISO builds will be coming however the Fast ring builds will be available by direct download only.

The build will only be available through Windows Update for systems already running a previous Windows 10 build. We still intend to release ISOs for builds that go to the Slow ring, but Fast ring builds will be direct downloads only.

To get your hands on the beta builds and test out new features in Windows 10 before the general public, read our article about how to become a Windows Insider to Test Windows 10.

I have and will continue to put in this disclaimer/warning for every new build until the final release as it’s very important: It’s free to become a Windows Insider and test these new builds of Window 10. But it’s worth mentioning, again, that you do NOT want this on your main production computer. Only install this on a separate testing system or in a virtual machine. There are still too many bugs in these Tech Preview build and you don’t want to sacrifice losing personal and important data. Unless you’re an enthusiast or early adopter and know what you’re doing, just wait until the final version is released.

Windows 10 Build 10041 New Features

According to Gabe Aul on the Blogging Windows site, this new build has several new features that, while not amazing, are interesting and will make your Windows experience much more enjoyable than Windows 7 (maybe), and Windows 8.1 most definitely.

  • The Start menu interface is being improved. It will have a more transparent background, no icons next to the “Places” area, and generally cleaned up and tweaked to look and function better.
  • Virtual Desktops or Task View has been improved with new features like numbered desktops, the ability to drag and drop windows between the different desktops. In the last build you had to move Windows between desktops differently. Also, in build 9926, applications stayed open on the Taskbar, regardless of which desktop you were using. This behavior is changed in build 10041 and is a nice improvement.
  • A Network fly-out menu now appears from the taskbar when you click the network icon. This gives you fast access to your network settings.


  • Photos app improvements and text input canvas are also new features in this build. The Photos app was updated in the previous build to give us an idea of how Universal Apps will look and run. This build has updated the live tile and will include integration of photos on OneDrive. The text input feature includes a handwriting panel you can use with an enhanced stylus pen.


  • Lock Screen experimenting Microsoft received a lot of feedback about the lock screen and it’s going to experiment with different types of messages to make using the new OS easier. I till share some tips and tricks to help you learn Windows 10. It will also see some new rotating beautiful images provided via Bin. This is one feature you’ll want to leave comment as the company can easily change this before the actual launch.
  • Insider Hub app has also been updated to show a “Your Progress” page that will show how much feedback you’ve submitted, up-votes your feedback has received, and track the amount of missions you’ve completed.
  • Windows Feedback App is improved to filter your feedback and suggestions easier. The “Me Too” functionality show up in search result too.

Windows 10 Feedback App

Moving Forward

I haven’t downloaded the new build yet, since it’s just not appearing for me – it looks like a lot of people are having the same issue. But when I do get it, expect more in-depth coverage of these new features and others too.

Note: All of the screenshots in this article are from Microsoft via today’s post by Gabe Aul who I encourage everyone to follow. In fact, I am talking with him on Twitter about not seeing the new build to download yet.

Also, if you’re testing out these Windows 10 tech preview builds, or just want to keep up with the progression of the OS, join our Windows 10 Forum which is free, and full of great members.



  1. Bruce Lightfoot

    Brian – I know you are trying to pump out an update quickly so it will still have some relevance and timeliness instead of being the 8th guy to say the same things, so I am not trying to be harsh. However, once you have your first draft on line, if you have a minute or are waiting for someone to get back to you, you could really polish your professional image by correcting the half-dozen or so grammatical errors in your notes (whenever you publish one). Yes, I have been a technical writer and editor for several decades, so I am more sensitive than most. However, it is YOUR image, and sloppy writing is seen by some as indicative of sloppy work in general. I am sure that is not the impression you are trying to give. I found the content above quite interesting, and could have overlooked the errors, but I bet you can present a more polished image and still meet your deadlines. Thanks, and may you live long and prosper!

    • Brian Burgess

      We do the best we can, however we aren’t a big enough publication where we can hire professional copy editors. Are you willing to donate your services? :)

    • Paul Hogan

      With due respect to you being a professional technical writer and editor Bruce, this site is for ordinary people looking for information. Hardly anyone would be searching to check for grammatically incorrect errors. Easy understandable information is all we need, and that is what we get. Highly technical grammatically correct reading may be thought of as boring for many of us.

      • Bruce Lightfoot

        Paul (and Brian) –

        My only real concern is when the grammar gets in the way of the understanding. I am fully aware that “getting useful stuff out” is the key criteria, and that is why I did not rag on Brian, but only mentioned this as an area where Brian has an opportunity to improve his professional image. I like the site, the format and the content. I also know that people are judged, rightly or wrongly, by the way they communicate. I would like to see this site do well, and catching some of the simple stuff that will be overlooked by a spell checker can go a long way toward polishing that professional image. Here are a couple of specific examples from the above article that might be worth looking into. these are both in the section that starts “Photos app improvements…” “updated in the previous build to five us an idea of how Universal Apps will look and run.” and a later phrase in the same paragraph “and will allow you to edit control and provides other features.” These may be just a typo and a punctuation error, both of which might have been caught by using a grammar checking feature in a word processor. My personal favorite, however, is to run my work past a friend or coworker, who is less likely to “read through” the mistake. I can catch issues in other people’s work much easier than in my own!

        I regret that I cannot offer to edit this site for you, and wish you the best going forward. I also promise my intent was to help, not belittle, and I will not raise the issue again. It is up to each writer to decide what their priorities are given the resources available at the time, and also give consideration to the potential impact of those decisions on the writers’ product and professional image. Thanks, and keep up the generally good work!

        • Bruce Lightfoot

          Note that I am not perfect either. I missed capitalizing a word at the start of a sentence in my note above. I would not have said a word to Brian over such an error as there is no chance of incorrectly interpreting the information conveyed. Chow!

        • Paul Hogan

          I would be lost without a spell checker, and I understand your points of view.

        • Brian Burgess

          @Bruce Lightfoot: Thanks for your feedback. I understand what you mean. I used to write for and InformationWeek, and they had copy editors.

          And I also write for other sites now like and they have copy editors.

          But we’re a small operation here, and I don’t even have the luxury to have someone look an article over quickly, especially when it is one like this where speed is key.

          As my old editor at Byte used to say “Everyone needs an editor”

  2. Joe

    Question, does anyone know if the recent update is going out to ALL of us that currently have win 10 on our machines.
    I’m not getting it. I have a tablet Lenovo K3 atom and up to today I receieved the updates as soon as they come out. I’m on the fast track.

    • Brian Burgess

      @Joe I am having the same issue, and have been trying to figure out what is going on. I even contacted Gabe Aul, he got back to me, but we never resolved the problem.

      Interestingly, I am also in the Fast ring, and have it installed on two Lenovo systems.

      • Joe

        My nephew has an atom tablet too and his is doing the same as ours, so I think we should just wait til the ISO comes out. I just get frustrated as heck when I can’t get a smooth install. I also lost my office 10 pro, with the last try at updating. It must be there somewhere so I guess I’ll just wait. Luckily I have other computers I can use.
        Question did your graphic update fail to install? Mine and my nephew have that in common. I checked the graphics driver with Intel and it’s the latest, but the update refuses to install and I think that is the problem as to why the win 10 update is not coming through.

  3. Brian Burgess

    As an update to this, I have read about several people in the Fast ring, running build 9926 who aren’t getting the 10041 build…which includes myself.

    Well, after checking regularly since yesterday afternoon, the update is now finally coming in.

    • Joe

      Brian, after reading your note I tryed again and it worked find. Ran all through the night, but it’s up and running fine. I guess we just have to learn to be patient.
      Thanks again for the tip.
      Joe L

  4. Ziggy

    Keep up the great work, Brian! Have enjoyed all the great tips and articles from this site since I found it some years back.

    Looking forward to a great year with groovyPost and, in particular, the postings on windows 10.

    • Brian Burgess

      @Ziggy Thanks a million man! We love having you around!

      Might I recommend you check out the Windows 10 Forum we set up…

      We’re just getting it started, so things are kind of slow right now, but with awesome readers like yourself and others, I think we can have an excellent forum on all things Windows 10

    • Steve Krause

      Agreed — really looking forward to Windows 10. They just added 3 finger FLICK up to get the windows chooser. Really love that new feature.

  5. Brian Michalenko

    Quite entertaining the comment from Bruce Lightfoot. Brian Burgess I didn’t know that you were hoping for a Pulitzer Prize? Keep up the good work as I am always looking forward to your written reviews in which I find quite informative, as for a couple of mistaken words here and there it’s no big deal after all as you stated your budget isn’t that of Microsoft of Google. Keep up the good work I’ll be looking forward to future reviews, as for Mr. Lightfoot I would like to pass on a quote that I remember from a friend “Just because I look stupid doesn’t mean I are.” Another thing, if the world was perfect it would be an awful boring planet. I also picked up on the odd mistaken word from others besides yourself and I haven’t lost any sleep. Have a nice day! (had to add my two bits worth or is it a dime?)

    • Brian Michalenko

      Oh no, I have noticed a mistake in my previous comment. The part where I wrote Microsoft (of) Google should of been, Microsoft or Google. No Pulitzer Prize for me, now I’ll have to fire my editor. Brian Burgess are we related? lol

      • Steve Krause

        Forget the Pulitzer, you get the gP readers award!

        Thnx for the support @Ziggy — @BrianM.


  6. Joe

    I wonder Lightfoot feels like he made a mistake when it wrote about your mistakes.
    Keep up the great work. Mstkes or nt.
    Joe L

  7. Bruce Conn

    Mr. Lightfoot, I believe you meant to say ‘ciao’, Italian for ‘good bye’. ‘Chow’ is American-English meaning ‘food’ when used as a noun and meaning ‘to eat’ when used as a verb. Adios.

    • Bruce Lightfoot

      Bruce Conn –

      You are so right! ( When I wrote that I was probably also focusing on the need for some sustenance – e.g., “chow” ) ;-) I better keep the distinction straight, too, because my daughter’s significant other is Italian and it is beginning to look like a permanent relationship. My big challenge is they often converse in Latin, which is quite different from today’s Italian language!

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