Microsoft Introduces Family Feature Improvements for Windows 10

If you’re a parent running Windows 10, managing your kid’s activities on the PC or mobile device is easier thanks to improvements Microsoft introduced today.

If you’re a parent running Windows 10 on your PC or mobile devices, managing your kid’s activities on them is much easier thanks to improvements Microsoft is introducing today. We recently looked at some of these features discussing how you can use them to manage your kid’s time, Windows Store access, and the type of content they view. Today, Microsoft has introduced even more features and improvements.

Microsoft Family Safety Improvements

According to Microsoft’s Family Safety FAQ there have been several changes and improvements.

  • Screen time extensions: When your kids ask for more screen time on a Windows 10 PC, you can extend it through email and the website.
  • Safer settings for younger kids: When adults create new child accounts, only kids under 8 years old will have settings automatically turned on. For kids 8 and up, adults need to turn on the settings they want when they make new accounts.
  • Simplified web experience: is now the one place to manage family settings for Windows Phone and PCs.
  • Web browsing limits now only on Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer: On Windows 10 PCs, and now on Windows 10 Mobile, web browsing limits will only apply to Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer. If you decide to prevent your kids from using other browsers, you can choose to block other browsers that are not supported. Learn more about this change.


Microsoft has also made the Windows Store more kid friendly with the ability to manage their spending, what they can buy, and review their spending and purchasing habits.

Kids can buy the stuff they want, but you know they’ll stay within the spending and content limits you set.

  • Add money to your kid’s account without giving them your credit card.
  • Kid-friendly Store browsing limited to the app, game, and media limits you set.
  • Review your child’s recent purchases on their Purchase & spending page.

Microsoft’s mobile version of Windows 10 has not been left out with promises of features coming soon:

When your child sets up their Windows 10 Mobile phone with their Microsoft account, the family settings you previously set up for them will automatically apply:

  • Recent activity to see their activity from Windows 10 PC and Windows 10 mobile devices.
  • Web browsing limits to block inappropriate content.
  • Set Apps, games & media limits according to their age and content ratings.
  • Find your child lets you locate your child’s device on a map.

It’s great to see Microsoft commit to improving this important part of Windows 10. Although, I still can’t get the screen time feature to work. You can learn more about the changes and improvements at

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