Windows 10 Creators Update to Solve Auto Restarts After Updates

Microsoft today announced that it is making major changes to how OS updates are delivered in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update.

Microsoft today announced that it is making major changes to how OS updates are delivered in the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update. The plan is to improve the update and upgrade experience by providing users with more granular controls over system updates’ timing and delivery.

As a Windows 10 user, you should already know that the company is treating Windows 10 as a service (WaaS). That means updates are rolled out automatically in the background without you having to check for them manually. However, the biggest complaint from customer feedback is that their computer would restart after an upgrade at the most inopportune times and disrupt your workflow.

Currently, you can manage Windows Update with the Active Hours feature. But this new announcement promises to provide you with more transparency about updates and give you additional control over them.

When there is an update ready to be installed, you will get the following dialog message. The new feature adds three new options to choose from. The most prominent being a “Snooze” option. This will allow you to hold off the update for three days.

You can also choose “Pick a time,” which will allow you to schedule the restart for a specific time that works best for you. Of course, if your work is saved and you’re ready, you will have the option to “Restart now,” too.

Schedule update

In addition to having control over Windows Update restarts, Microsoft explains that you will be able to see if your system is up-to-date at a glance.

If you decide to exercise more control over the update process, we’ve added a new icon to the Windows Update Settings page that makes it easier to verify that your device is up to date. This “at a glance” feature is consistent with a similar feature in the new Windows Defender Security Center.

Easily seeing if your system is current and making unexpected restarts a thing of the past should bring an end to one of the biggest complaints Windows users have had for what seems like forever. 

What are your thoughts on finally having complete control over when your PC restarts after Windows Updates? Leave a comment below and let us know.



  1. DF

    I have been holding on to Win 7 while checking out the developments in Win10 as they are announced here and elsewhere, and this one goes far toward reconciling me with the inevitable change coming in 2020 or whenever my computer dies before that.

  2. Jim L.

    Thumbs UP! Increased control over when updates are applied is welcomed. I like to know when software is updated. If I experience a unexpected problem, knowledge of the update gives me a trouble shooting starting point.

  3. Mark Lawrence

    Mine won’t restart at all after updates. The wheel just spins and spins. I have to turn off the computer and turn back on to force the restart procedure. It’s a pain and I’ve yet to find a solution.

  4. coop

    Thanks for the heads up, Brian!

  5. Bill S

    What really annoys me is the sneaky downloading of updates in the background. I wish Microsoft would tell me when updates are due and let me decide when to download them, as the internet is so slow in my area that it puts paid to any other work you may be doing on line.

  6. Mwansa M

    I think i would love this update as it was really annoying when you’re still working and it needs to restart. Thumps up to this update.

  7. Melville Smart

    They need to fix the MBR vs GPT issue with the Anniversary issue. I have MBR and can not install Anniversary Issue without reformating

  8. Mike

    Had the latest update windows 10 03/03/17 and it has not worked. I have tried some of the things that people use but no joy.
    I have unplugged all devices, tried switching on and off 3x to get into repair mode etc.
    Finally pressed F9 on boot up and it went into ‘restoring windows to earlier version’.
    Then the screen went black and that is how I have left it. The internet is disconnected.
    I have 3 desktops all running windows 10 and this one PC is the only one that suffers when a windows update occurs. The previous to this ‘major update’ caused the pc to run slow and behave badly, I restored it to previous point. Now this… Some people have reported that a display driver is responsible? I don’t know. It seems that this ‘black screen’ and update problems are very common. I’m sure everything will be ok in the end, but I’m 64 and I worried…

  9. Mike

    The morning after the black screen. Windows update, the big one, has updated. I’ve gone through all my devices to check the drivers are all up-to-date, and they are. I have changed windows updates on how they update on my pc. So, hope for the best…may be I will look at linux….
    I hope all of you resolved the problem, it looks like a lot of patience is required, walk away and let windows get on with it. This seems to be the advice that those in the know are recommending.
    Good Luck

  10. Tom Pagh

    I’ve been using Win-10 Pro 64 for over a year now on two desktops and two laptops with no problems. What is “Windows Creator Update”? Is this an update that will be done automatically? Based upon some of the complaints of black screens, driver updates, and restart problems I’m not sure I want to change from my current “no problem” OS. The old adage: If it aint broke, don’t fix it!

    Second issue: I’ve tried several times to post on the groovypost forum but can not get past the “captcha”. No matter how I enter the required information it always returns “invalid captcha”

  11. MIKE

    Well, sorry to say, that my windows updating is not going well. I thought it had resolved itself but no.
    I’ve looked at ‘update history’ for windows and it appears that no updates have successfully installed for sometime. Another ‘attempt’ was ‘encouraged’ by new notifications from windows so I put the machine into ‘restart’ and ‘update’. Another failed attempt, but at least I did not have to wait long for the windows 10 welcome screen to appear. I think my pc is fed up with these ‘trys’.
    So, the pc is working well, just these updates are not going on. I don’t know what to do? I not technical so some of the suggestions that I have seen, to resolve this problem, are a little beyond me…
    If I’m having this problem I’m sure many others are. I hope it get resolved in the end, good luck everyone!

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