Windows 10 Build 10074 Visual Tour of New Features

Microsoft today released a new version of Windows 10, build 10074. Here’s a look at some notable new features you can expect as progress continues.

Microsoft showed off some new features for Windows 10 at its Build developers conference today and has also released a new version of Windows 10, build 10074. Here’s a look at the notable new features.

Windows 10 Build 10074

This new build comes on the heels of the last release, build 10061, and shows that Microsoft wasn’t kidding about releasing builds faster. Another subtle change is these builds are now labeled Insider Preview versus Technical Preview, which is a reflection on the pace of these releases, and the approaching final release date.

Insider Preview

This new build is available for Windows Insiders who are part of the Slow and Fast ring. Since the Slow ring is included, you can download the ISO images now, too. That allows you to create a bootable USB flash drive using a utility like Rufus or Microsoft’s free utility. Or you can use the ISO to easily install Windows 10 on a virtual machine.

During the conference today, Microsoft also mentioned the name of its web browser, previously codenamed: Project Spartan, is now officially Microsoft Edge.

The Aero Glass feature is returning, however, not everyone will get it right away. According to Gabe Aul’s post on Blogging Windows:

We’ve also heard loud in clear that many Windows Insiders want to see Aero Glass from Windows 7 make a comeback. We’ve been working out how to satisfy this request, and are trying some things out with this build to see how you like them. We’re running a little A/B test with this build. 50% of you will normal transparency on the Start menu and taskbar while the other 50% will see a blur effect on the Start menu and taskbar (like frosted glass). If Windows Insiders really like the blur effect, we will add it to more areas and even consider making it the default instead of standard transparency.

This makes sense since not everyone will be excited about a return to the older days of the interface look. Of course, if you’re not a fan, you can always disable it in Settings, and make any other UI adjustments to fit your preferences. So, if you’re testing out this latest build, definitely let your voice be heard about this visual effect through the Windows Feedback app.

Another new feature includes new default Windows system sounds. Based on user feedback, new and fresh sounds have been added for different actions i.e., notifications, startup, inserting a flash drive, error messages.

The Continuum experience or (Tablet mode) in Windows 10 has been upgraded, which is mainly used on 2-in-1 devices like a Surface 3 and tablets. It includes a simplified taskbar, and you’ll get the Start screen instead of the desktop when you close an application in tablet mode.

Have you had time to explore the new build yet? Or are you sitting back and observing how Microsoft is changing Windows? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts!



  1. Alex T

    Aero Glass? Really?

  2. Frederick C. Wilt

    Why not? I happen to like the look.

    The current style trend today seems to be flat, flat and more flat with garish colors.

    And I am not a fan of that at look at all.

    There was a time in the distant past when Windows had flat things, sunken things and raised things.

    Flat things you read, sunken things you entered data into and raised things you clicked.

    Now it’s “whack-a-mole” as you click here and there to see what is what. Or swipe in various directions to see what might happen.

    Is this a user interface or a hidden-object game?

  3. Bill

    When is the official release of Windows 10? I need to buy a new computer and want to wait until after the release if possible.

    • Brian Burgess

      According to Microsoft, it will be released this summer…now that could mean late September. But, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was delayed, but “Summer” is what MS is shooting for.

  4. derHuhn

    What a piece of crap. Windows is now idiot friendly. I will wait for as long as possible befor i “get” a new version of this pigshit. Have already 3 PCs with xp and 2 with 7 (for diffrent hardware like paralelports ,ide drives, old NAS, cams aso.) I hope i dont need to make one with 10 so i can use new Harware with it.

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