This Week’s Best New Android Apps and Games – Week 43

Looking for something new on your mobile? groovyPost’s Kim Barloso has you covered as she continues her weekly series — Best Android Apps of the Week!

It’s the end of another app-driven week. If you haven’t had time to visit the Play Store, here are this week’s news-worthy apps and games. From new productivity tools to Halloween-themed games, we’ve got you covered.


Dragon Mobile Assistant (Beta)

Dragon Mobile Assistant allows voice commands and voice prompts with your Android device. Make a call, send a text message or get directions to a location by simply “talking” to your device. The app is in beta so don’t expect everything to be perfect. Still, something this cool is certainly worth a try.


Daily Badge

If you’re trying to establish a daily routine and track how well you’re doing, Daily Badge is the app for you. Tap on a star to mark an accomplished goal, one day at a time.

daily badge


UbiSafe is a location-tracking app for keeping an eye on your family members. Features include real-time map location, check-ins, emergency alarms and location history.


Wifi Camera

This small but intriguing app turns your Android device into a Wifi-based CCTV camera. You can access the camera feed from your browser, and both computer and Android device must be connected to the same Wifi network.

wifi camera

Color Grab

This nifty app lets you pick a color from your device’s camera viewfinder and tells you what color it is. Great for graphic designers or people who are color blind.

color grab


Nun Attack

This game couldn’t be more inappropriate – yet it’s undeniably interesting. Nun Attack lets you take down evil one weapon at a time.


Tower Raiders 3

There’s an overwhelming abundance of tower defense games in the Play Store that choosing just one seems an impossible task. Tower Raiders 3 is yet another addition (and sequel) but boasts of unique rules that call for a true strategy-based war game. This new version also looks to have one of the best graphics in its genre.

tower raiders 3

Family Feud & Friends

Play this classic TV game with Facebook friends and other Family Feud & Friends players. The game features social sharing with Facebook , high-definition graphics and predictive text for lightning fast answers.

family feud

Planet Wars

A top-down shooter game with hand-drawn graphics, Planet Wars lets you take on waves of aliens to save the world. A combination of shooting action and strategy, this game is interesting enough to pick up and play.

planet wars

Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast

Not only does it remind you of the classic hit movie, this game also features augmented reality to battle ghosts in your neighborhood. Use your own location as the playing field, play in 3D high-definition graphics and blast through the 20+ missions to achieve expert ghostbusting status.


Having an Android device is a path towards app discovery – and hopefully you find yours to be easier with this week’s list. If you’ve tried any of these apps and have something to say, please do share them below in the comments!

Is there a groovy new app you’ve discovered? We’d love to hear about it, too!

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1 Comment

  1. Steve Krause

    October 28, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    Nun Attack? Wow, those guys were desperate! HA!

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