A Week in Gaming: Cute Little Kittens Can Kill Edition

BioShock Infinite as a text adventure, Steve Wozniak talks about his love for Tetris, and blowing up a Wii U with C4 in this weeks’s gaming stories.

I learned something recently. Careful with stray kittens, no matter how cute. This one carried hundreds of fleas. I bathed the little guy, but I guess one of them bit me, and was carrying some sort of bacteria. Put me out of commission for almost two weeks. Imagine flu-like symptoms for two weeks. It’s not fun. Anyway, I’m on the road to recovery now, and it’s time for another week in gaming. Let’s get started.

Snake actually has an ending

I never knew this. I don’t think many people did, but you can actually complete Snake. You know, that old cellphone game? Yeah. I always figured it kept going until it was impossible to go further. That’s not the case. There is an ending, and a quick ending screen. You can see it in the gif above. Link

BioShock Infinite as a text adventure

If you’ve ever wanted to see what BioShock would play like as a text adventure (I know I haven’t, but whatever.) This is your chance. Someone has turned it into one. Text adventures are a classic genre in which you must type out your actions and read the result of that action. For instance, “go north” and the game may reply with “You are now at the entrance of a cave. It’s dark, and …” and so on. They were actually quite enjoyable. At least I liked some of them, but I’m a bit silly. Either way, you can play the game here. Cool stuff. May keep you entertained over the weekend if you don’t own the real game. Link

PlayStation Network to undergo scheduled maintenance

PlayStation Maintenance

PlayStation Network users may want to keep in mind that the service will be down on Monday, April 15. On that day, you will not be able to access PSN between 11am and 11pm ET. The Store, Home and account management are all down during this time. Online play works so long as you signed in before maintenance begins. Link

Blowing up a Wii U with C4

This guy and his buddy shoot through a Wii U controller and the thing is blown to bits. Then, they take some C4 and blow up a poor little Wii U. Ouch. It’s still entertaining to watch. Link

Steve Wozniak talks about his love for Tetris

Steve Wozniak, best known as one of Apple’s co-founders, recently came open about his love for Tetris on the Game Boy. It’s that specific platform he plays the game on. He mentions that he isn’t a fan of having to relearn the buttons when he tries to play the game on a different system. He is pretty good, but he is so good that years ago his name was constantly featured in Nintendo Power magazine for his high scores. Eventually, the magazine would no longer print his name. It’s funny to hear what he did to counter that. Take a look at the video above. Woz is such a regular-type guy for as highly-regarded as he is. Link

Cliffy B talks about ‘always-online’ game consoles

Cliff Bleszinski, best known as the Gears of War guy, says that he believes the generation of always-online devices is coming, and that there is really nothing we can do about it. His solution? “Deal with it.” That’s the guy who’s been in the game industry for his entire adult life, so it’s worth at least taking what he says into consideration.

He also addresses people’s concern for those without high-speed internet. He calls those “the edge case” he says those aren’t common anymore, and “the week-long vacation to the cabin is only 30 hours of not playing a game or a device that’s built for much more. Technology doesn’t advance by worrying about the edge case.” Link

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