Twitter Adds the Ability to Comment On Retweets

Twitter improves its Quote Tweet feature, displays the full content of the retweet (including images) and gives you plenty of room to comment on it.

Twitter today redesigned its “quote tweet” feature so it finally works like you’ve always wanted it to. It now displays the full content of the message you’re retweeting (including images) and gives you plenty of room to comment on it.

To do this previously, it was a unofficial feature found in third-party Twitter clients like TweetDeck, and some other mobile apps. Or you could copy and paste the original tweet as a quote, but then you’d have a limited space to comment on it.

Twitter Quote Tweet Improved

To use it on the desktop client, find a tweet that you want to share, and click the retweet icon. That will bring up the screen shown below which includes a comment box for you to share your thoughts.

Twitter retweet

The comment you type in will be limited to 116 characters.

quote Tweet

Here is a look at how the retweet I commented on looks in my timeline.

Tweet with quote

Or here is an example of doing it with a WSJ tweet that included an image.


Currently this new comment feature only works with the web version of Twitter and the iPhone app. Twitter says that Android support for this is coming soon.

Here is the tweet that Twitter sent out demonstrating it on iPhone.

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