T-Mobile Bobsled: A Real Run at MS Skype

Watch out Skype. The Bobsled’s here. And if you haven’t been paying attention since T-Mobile debuted it this summer, now’s a good time to focus.

This is a multi-device app-based VoIP service that so far, to me, blows doors.

I mean that in the most technical sense of the term.

Now Bobsled isn’t new. It’s always been cool and a little cult-y. Now — with this new release — it’s still easy and free to call landlines. plus your Apple iPhone device, PCs or Macs, most mobile browsers and most devices running Android.

That’s flexible.

Read the fine print always.

Existing customers: If you know Bobsled, you’ll feel right at home. The UI is pretty similar. Facebook-integrated friend-to-friend calling is still a core feature.  And unfortunately, the service still requires a Facebook account to login and manage your contacts.

The major difference now: Bobsled in its new rendition will allow “bobsled-to-bobsled” calls from and to any Android or iOS (iPod touch, iPhone or iPad) device. That’s a plus if you believe, like I do, in the Skype-to-Skype model to ensure audio quality.
Check out the video below for a look at key features new to this version.

Bobsled supports Wifi and includes Gmail’s free Google Voice service through the end of the year, execs told Groovy reporters. This is a consumer product and it will be marketed as such. But small businesses and inside corporate project groups might want to check out its free, flexible capabilities. Know of a better utility? Email me privately at

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