SugarSync Business Rolls Out Unlimited Cloud Storage Plan

SugarSync, a big time contender to Dropbox and other cloud storage providers, now offers an unlimited business plan for $550 year for up to three users.

image217Today, SugarSync announced a hot new offer for business users: unlimited cloud storage for 3 users for just $550 a year. With the ability to add unlimited users for just $125 a seat, that could be a potentially very groovy deal, depending on how much data you have to backup.

SugarSync, if you’re not familiar, is one of the top contenders to Dropbox and Box, and it has been steadily expanding the feature set for business class users. For the full scoop, you can read my article on what’s new with SugarSync that accompanied our SugarSync giveaway, or my comparison of Dropbox vs. SugarSync.

You can sign up now at

Other SugarSync features that might woo business users include:

  • “Uncapped scaling” of cloud storage capacity and unlimited number of seats.
  • Add seats at any time from the Admin Dashboard.
  • TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption for data in motion and 128-bit AES encryption at rest (stored with Amazon S3 and one other “carrier-grade data center”).
  • Mobile access via desktop web browsers, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows Mobile (Windows Phone coming soon).
  • Outlook Plugin – Sends SugarSync links instead of attaching to email (and bogging down servers).
  • File version history – Saves up to five versions of each file.
  • Share files of any size (via SugarSync link)

Those features are all part of SugarSync’s existing suite of business cloud storage features. The big news item here is the unlimited storage they promise. The price is higher than the old 100 GB/3 user plan ($299.99/year), but depending on your storage needs, the unlimited plan might be a good deal. Previously, you could increase your storage in increments of 100 GB for $29.99 a month. If my algebra is correct, if you get over 900 GB, then you’re saving money with the unlimited plan.

To be clear, the old SugarSync Business pricing is going away. Going forward, only the unlimited storage plan will be available. I am not sure what this means for existing business users.. Existing business users can either keep their old pricing or upgrade to the unlimited account.

This table breaks down a few comparable plans from SugarSync:

SugarSync Business (Old)100 GB
(Upgrade in increments of 100 GB for $29.99/month)
3 Users
(Add user for $125 each)
SugarSync Business Unlimited (New)Unlimited3 Users
(Add user for $125 each)
SugarSync Personal (100 GB)100 GB1 User$14.99/month
SugarSync Free5 GB1 UserFree

So far, this sounds like it could be a good deal. But there’s no word on any caps or limitations for the unlimited plan either. Just like an overzealous diner getting banned from all you can eat buffet, there are many ways that a business can rein in a customer going wild on an “unlimited” plan. For example, I was grandfathered into the AT&T unlimited data plan, but when I get around 5 GB of usage, they slow down my 3G speeds beyond usability. As always, it’s a good idea to dig into the terms of service before signing up.

Update: I asked a SugarSync rep if there would be any limitations or caveats on the unlimited storage, and I was assured that there would not be. I also asked if there would be any cap on bandwidth, or if business users could rely on a certain transfer speed or uptime guarantee. An answer on that is still pending. My take is that SugarSync is wisely going to leave the door open for managing unusually voracious data users. But exercising those options won’t be part of the business model. I would expect that typical business users will not run into any issues, but if you know for a fact that your data needs are extraordinary, I would talk to the SugarSync sales team first to ensure your needs are covered.

Would you pay $55 a month for unlimited cloud storage? Let us know in the comments.

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