Watch Outgoing Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s Goodbye

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement last month, and here you can watch part of the video footage of his emotional goodbye to employees.

Ballmer Says Goodbye to MicrosoftSteve Ballmer, Microsoft’s outgoing CEO, has always been known for some crazy antics while giving speeches to the company. Instead of crazily shouting “Developers!” 40 times in succession and getting sweaty, this is an emotional farewell to the company he’s led for the past 13 years. After a tearful goodbye, he had the song The Time of My Life from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack play.

Tech site The Verge was able to obtain footage of his goodbye speech to company employees, which you can view below.

Steve Ballmer announced his retirement last month stating “There is never a perfect time for this type of transition, but now is the right time.”  in a statement issued in a press release.

When it was announced that Microsoft purchased Nokia Devices and Services for 7.2 Billion a few weeks ago, several people in the industry speculated that Steven Elop was the heir apparent. But maybe not, even though Elop received a hefty bonus in the acquisition, things seem to be heading in a different direction. Perhaps, we’ll see someone from the outside of Microsoft come into the fold.

In a recent story on All Things D, it was reported that Alan Mulally, current Ford CEO, is now in the lead. According to sources close to the situation, there has been a lot of “serious conversations” between the Microsoft board and Mulally.

In the end, whoever ends up being the new Microsoft CEO will have a lot on to deal with. Still, it’s the end of the Steve Ballmer era, and watching Microsoft development over the next few years will be interesting.



  1. Steve Krause

    September 28, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Although Ballmer has his critics, few will argue that was a pretty amazing. Would have been great to be there for that moment.

    And then Mulally… wow, one of my favorite CEO’s. A genius.

    I would love to see what he would do with MSFT. I think it’s exactly what the software oops.. I mean device and services giant needs at this point.

    If he signed on at MSFT, the shakeup would be epic. Really hope he takes the job.

  2. Ziggy

    September 29, 2013 at 3:33 am

    Love that yellow t-shirt! Makes him look like a canary strutting around on stage just after being released from his tweety bird cage.

    O.K. – I’m a sinic (!) at heart, but he could have topped off his shirt with some color coordinated head feathers to make me even happier.

    Darn, I need to take something for my cynicism – it’s driving me quackers…

    • shockersh

      September 29, 2013 at 6:34 pm

      LOL love it.

      But then again, I guess if you’re a billionaire you can pretty much dress and act how ya like cause…. WHO CARES! :)

      I think Steve (ballmer) is a nut job personally who wasn’t able to control his massive company in the end. he was no bill gates or steve job and only managed to keep things rolling because the planet was addicted to windows and office.

      microsoft will do with a new leader and new ideas to shake up the company and refocus on true innovation vs. spend the day chasing apple and google around the internet.

  3. Tony

    September 29, 2013 at 8:43 am

    Does he have a passion for what he does, yes. Was he good at it, only time will tell.

  4. Stuart

    September 30, 2013 at 2:42 am

    Why hasn’t anyone figured out why he wore the yellow t-shirt – watch the video as he wonders around the audience and is tracked by the camera, – it was the only way they could easily keep him centered a against a sea of black and drab clothing in the video

    Sad to see him go, one of the last of the original Titans of tech, even if he dropped the ball recently.

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