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Steam Starts Selling Graphic Design Software

Steam — the popular online gaming store — is now selling graphic design programs and utilities. And it’s featuring some special offers to start things off.

steam selling software

Steam announced that it would start selling software. Although the collection isn’t too large yet, there’s potential to grow this model. If you use the service for your gaming needs, you can use it for your software programs too.

For now, there are eight programs on offer: ArtRage Studio Pro, CameraBag 2, GameMaker: Studio, 3D-Coat, 3DMark Vantage, 3DMark 11 and Source Filmmaker.

There’s also a 10% discount offer to kick things off. I checked the prices of a couple of these programs elsewhere, and found 3D-Coat is cheaper on Steam with the 10% discount than it is on the official website. The prices aren’t much cheaper, but you can take things with you on all the computers you work on. That makes this model quite interesting.

I can’t wait to see what software packages the platform will be selling in the future. Maybe Adobe?

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