Steam to Soon Offer More than Just Games

Do you buy video games on Steam? Soon you’ll be able to buy your other software there too.

Steam selling software

Valve’s popular video game distribution platform, Steam, is looking to soon expand into selling additional software. According to Valve’s Mark Richardson: “The 40 million gamers frequenting Steam are interested in more than playing games.” They have told us they would like to have more of their software on Steam, so this expansion is in response to those customer requests.”

This news doesn’t come as a surprise, after all it seems like everyone is jumping in and following Apples App Store example. Even Microsoft has a Windows App Store integrated with Windows 8. More competition means better pricing for consumers and increased innovation, but it means bad news for the competition. Valve has a voracious and loyal fanbase, and given the option to buy through Steam it will be unlikely they use any other source.

Look for new software coming to Steam on September 5th. At first it will just include creativity and productivity applications, but I think it’s safe to assume even  more will come to Steam given a good market response. Would anyone like to see a Steam Android app store?

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