Starbucks WiFi Service Receives a Jolt – Going Google!

Starbucks has selected Google to manage its free WiFi service. We have all the details including the timeline and upgraded speeds you can expect.

Good news for groovyReaders who hang at Starbucks with laptops and gadgets. Starbucks just announced they’ve selected Google to manage its next generation WiFi service to more than 7000 stores in the US. The new high-speed network is being deployed immediately and should be completed within 18 months.

Google teams up with Level 3 to provide 10x faster Wi-Fi across 7000 US SBUX Stores

Google teams up with Level 3 to provide 10x faster Wi-Fi across 7000 US SBUX Stores

The new WiFi service is a partnership between Google and Level 3 communications and is expected to be 10 times faster than existing WiFi speeds (bye bye AT&T) and up to 100 times faster in markets where Google is actively providing Fiber services. Despite the bump in bandwidth, the service will also remain free which is a nice bonus.

I’ve not yet found a posted schedule for each store upgrade however, you’ll know a store has been upgraded once it starts broadcasting an SSID : “Google Starbucks”. As always, don’t forget to use common sense when surfing the net on Public WiFi networks and try to stick to sites using SSL / HTTPS only.

What do you think? Is faster WiFi enough to justify a $5 cup of warm milk and a little espresso?



  1. Jackson Taylor

    August 3, 2013 at 11:03 am

    Well that’s actually really good news. I’m one of those guys who does hit a Starbucks from time to time but normally the WiFi is so clogged up, I just end up leaving and going to McDonalds as they usually have faster internet…

    Really glad to about the upgrade.

    And no, I don’t buy warm milk anymore. DRIP for the win for me!

    • Steve Krause

      August 4, 2013 at 8:30 am

      Good call on the DRIP Jackson. From everything I’ve read online, DRIP coffee actually has the most caffeine vs. a single or double espresso shot. I actually goto Starbucks every morning and I made the flip to Drip brewed coffee a few years back.

      Regarding the WiFi news — yeah all good. My guess is the SBUX stores are in line for a hardware upgrade as well so this upgrade probably has that refresh behind the scenes as a motivator as well.

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