The Self destructing SSD

Chinese manufacturers always have a way of finding interesting gimmicks to add to their products. Still, the SSD that can physically self-destruct is something of a novelty. As unbelievable as it sounds, it does exist and has been released by Chinese company RunCore.

This is a product that’s aimed at military and industrial use, considering its other specs. There’s actually a whole range of models, and the sturdiest one of them can work at temperatures between –45 and 95 degrees centigrade (between –49 and 203 Fahrenheit).

Maximum transfer speeds are also pretty good – 240 MB/S – reading and 140 MB/S – writing.

This all sounds good, but that’s not the most interesting thing about the RunCore InVincible SSDs – neither is the fact that the company seems to have a thing for using two capitals in the same word.

These SSD drives have two additional external buttons, a green one, and a red one. When pushed, the green one activates “Intelligent destruction mode” (that sounds like something out of an Austin Powers flick, but it’s as serious as can be). It will overwrite everything on the drive, making it impossible to recover data on it.

The more interesting one is the red button – if you press that (and I’d think hard before doing so), it sends a strong electrical current through the drive, basically frying it and rendering it physically unusable. Now, that’s data security!

No price information yet, but I’m sure it will find customers. Check out a presentation video below.

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