Sony to End X (Formerly Twitter) Playstation Integration Imminently

Sony End X integration on Playstation

In the ongoing fallout of changes at X (formerly Twitter), Sony has announced its discontinuing integration between its gaming consoles and the social media network.

Sony has announced the end of its X (previously Twitter) integrations on the PS5 and PS4 platforms. Beginning November 13, 2023, this change will take away the ability to share screenshots and video snippets to X via its gaming systems. In a customer service bulletin, Sony confirmed it’s discontinuing its X integration. The company acknowledged this move will affect all content sharing on X. This includes both viewing capabilities and the direct posting of gameplay achievements and trophies from the consoles.

A visual confirmation of the advisory was posted by user Wario64 on Threads. In the post, Wario64 provided a screenshot, seemingly from a PS5 console, advising gamers of the change.

Person playing game on PS5

The rationale behind Sony’s decision remains undisclosed, with the company maintaining silence amid inquiries for further commentary.

However, Sony could have taken the action as a result of controversial revised API pricing. X introduced the new pricing earlier in the year. The social media giant has, of course, made many moves throughout the past few months that have had users and developers alike scratching their heads and even leaving the platform.

Given the upcoming loss of direct X integration, Sony has guided users towards alternative methods for sharing their gaming exploits with others. For PS5 users, the PlayStation app emerges as a viable alternative. That app allows gamers to download screenshots and recordings and then share them with social media and other apps.

In an earlier move, Microsoft removed similar X integration from Xbox consoles in 2023. There again, gamers can use the Xbox app on their smartphones to share images on social media.

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