SiriusXM, TikTok, and Pandora Unite for New Music Experiences

TikTok, SiriusXM, Pandora - Courtesy of PR Newswire

SiriusXM and Pandora have partnered with TikTok to bring something special to listeners. See what new music experiences are on the way!

TikTok music makers who use the social video platform to share their talents now have a broader audience. SiriusXM and its subsidiary Pandora have partnered with TikTok to provide new music experiences to listeners.

TikTok Radio on SiriusXM

One initiative brings streaming sounds from TikTok-ers to a dedicated channel on SiriusXM called TikTok Radio.

TikTok creators, DJs, and “tastemakers” will fill the sound waves in vehicles, SiriusXM apps, and connected devices. The channel is said to feature trending sounds, weekly countdowns, and stories behind the songs. Think of it as a streaming version of TikTok’s “For You” section.

Look for TikTok Radio to roll out this summer.

Ole Obermann, Global Head of Music, TikTok:

We are excited to work with SiriusXM on TikTok Radio and to bring TikTok creators to Pandora to make the trends, music, and creative influences that are playing such a defining role in modern culture even more accessible.

Curated Pandora Playlists

Another new experience, which has already started gathering listeners, includes Pandora playlists curated and hosted by popular TikTok music makers.

Starting with the TikTok Tastemakers series, creators such as Bella Poarch, Christian Shelton, and Nick Tangorra walk listeners through their song selections. The first in the series is available on Pandora now, TikTok Tastemakers with Bella Poarch. You can expect the series to continue with the additional creators over the summer months as well, so be sure to check it out.

TikTok Tastemakers with Bella Poarch on Pandora

And, you can also listen to the TikTok Hits Playlist on Pandora with top trending tunes from TikTok.

Christian Shelton, TikTok creator:

The playlist I created reflects my love for all genres and features new and old music, a lot of which is inspired by my fans on TikTok! I want people who listen to my Pandora playlist to get to know me a bit more through the music I love.

Pandora LIVE on TikTok

For fans of Pandora LIVE events that became popular during the pandemic, you can enjoy re-airings of these events on TikTok. You may have caught a recent re-airing of Pandora LIVE Powered by Women with Gwen Stefani and Jazmine Sullivan on TikTok.

Pandora LIVE Powered by Women on TikTok

There will be many more events like this to come on TikTok. Be on the lookout for SiriusXM to announce which ones so you can catch your favorites.

Scott Greenstein, President, and Chief Content Officer, SiriusXM:

The effect TikTok has on music, and pop culture in general, is undeniable. Our platforms will provide a unique opportunity for TikTok creators to engage with our listeners with content experiences that have never been done before in audio.

Be sure to check back with groovyPost on more with the SiriusXM, TikTok, Pandora partnership!

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