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Playstation 4 To Be Unveiled February 20th

Nintendo’s Wii U is soon to have company in the next-gen console market. Sony has plans to show off the successor to the PS3 towards the end of this month. It started out as just a rumor, but earlier this morning the WSJ confirmed the date to be February 20th, 2013. It looks like Sony won’t be waiting till E3 after all, but that’s nothing new considering the year before it announced the PS-Vita in late January.

sony playstation 4 announcements

The Playstation 4 is said to be built around “social gaming” and will be making a change to an AMD chip, with a move away from its previously Nvidia-powered graphics. As with previous models the console will include an optical drive due to concerns over slow internet connections, but it is likely to be making a further push toward digital distribution via Playstation Plus.

We don’t have any word yet regarding the price, but if history repeats itself we’re looking at a similar range as the previous model’s at $500-$600.

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  1. Steve Krause February 1, 2013 at 9:45 pm #

    Wow… huge news and smart. Looks like they don’t want to let XBOX beat them to the market again eh?

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