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Groovy Microsoft News, Tips, And How-To

Microsoft Office Online + Facebook = [groovyNews]

For quite some time Google Docs has been dominating the online document sharing business, but now Microsoft is striking back.  As announced by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg during the  Facebook F8 developer live conference Microsoft Fuse Labs has teamed up with Facebook to create an all new document sharing site,  The URL is simple […]

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Google Search Suggestion Becomes Local By City [groovyNews]

Roughly this same time last year Google launched country-specific suggestions using IP-based geolocation.  This year they’ve narrowed it down even further and will suggest terms appropriate for the major city closest to your determined location.  Here’s a sampling of some of the updates. Metro Area City Relative Suggestions Depending on where you are, you’ll probably […]

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Groovy Google News, Tips, Tricks, and Help

Google Places Becomes Official [groovyNews]

Back in July Google launched its Favorite Places campaign to start indexing popular local stores.  We’ve seen it mature, and after nine months Google decided this baby is ready now to have its official place in the Google family.  Previously known as the Google Local Business Center, you can now find all of the same information […]

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Google Maps

Google Gone Wild! [groovy April Fools 2010 Edition]

Wow…  I think I’ve found at least 10 Google April Fools Pranks so I decided to start sharing them.  My favorite I think can be seen on their front page (however, the google translator for animals below is possibly tied for #1).  Yup, as of April 1, 2010,  Google Topeka announced their new company name.  […]

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Bing Maps 3D Updated to Version 4.0

Almost a year ago, I wrote about a new Bing 3D Maps service Microsoft launched, and it looks like Microsoft just updated the client to version 4.0.   I went ahead and updated my client, and sure enough, things are a bit smoother although the 3D models still have a long way to go…   […]

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